Zimbabwe Market Watch | 13 July 2015: Zimbabwe equities begins in red …. ZSE industrial index down by 18 basis points

Harare, Zimbabwe (Capital Markets in Africa):-The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index and market capitalization started the week on red. The industrial index somersaulted  by 0.18 percent or 0.26 points to end at 144.60 points, resulting to -11.01 percent year-to-date and -22.44 on year-on-year basis. However,  the mining index remained unchanged to settle at 39.72 points (-44.61 percent and 28.00 percent year-to-date and year-on-year return respectively).

The market capitalization end at US$ 3.788 billion, by giving away about US$1 million (against 3.787 billion market cap recorded at yesterday’s trading session).

The market activity was lower today with a turnover of US$1.19 million (relative to US$1.9 million recorded at previous trading session) exchanged in 22 traded securities via 71 trade transactions. Foreign investor bought US$161,024 and foreign sells US$488,978 at end of today’s trading sessions. Out of the 22 traded securities, Delta Corporation Zimbabwe had 603,807 traded securities at US$584,183 and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited recorded 786,746 at US$275,754. Likewise, INNSCOR Africa Limited registered 316,098 traded stocks with value of US$196,961 and National Foods Holdings Limited recorded 56,820 trades at US$56,820.

On the market price advancers and decliners, six securities ended in the green region and six ended in the red region. On the green district were PROPLASTICS Limited surged by 0.02 cents or 1.00 percent  to trade at 2.02 cents and NicozDiamond Insurance Limited advanced by 0.74 cents or 0.01 percent to close at 1.36 cents. Likewise, INNSCOR Africa Limited gained 0.50 percent or 0.31 cents to end at 62.31 cents and British-American Tobacco Zimbabwe surged by 0.44 percent at 1,140 cents.

Conversely, Dawn Properties Limited (-0.09 cents at 7.14 cents), Fidelity Life Assurance Limited (down by 5.79 percent or 0.40 cent to settle at 6.50 cents on 230 securities) and First Mutual Holdings Limited (slid by 0.99 percent or 0.02 cents to trade at 2.00 cents). Still on the red district, Delta Corporation Limited plunged by 0.51 percent or 0.50 cents with a closing price of 96.75 cents, Old Mutual Plc plummeted by 0.49 percent or 1.37 cents to end at 273.13 cents and Pretoria Portland Cement Limited tumbled by 0.21 percent to conclude at 114.75 cents.

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