INTO AFRICA March 2017 Edition: Africa’s Lions: Trust in Fundamentals

LAGOS, Nigeria, Capital Markets in Africa: Welcome to March edition of INTO AFRICA, the publication with fresh insight into Africa’s emerging capital markets. Please download by clicking: INTO AFRICA PUBLICATION: MARCH 2017 EDITION

Recent years have been challenging for Africa: so is the honeymoon over or did the wedding even take place? The oil price crash has had a serious impact on several African countries; the strength of the dollar is causing financing and FX issues; incidences of terrorism are up; GDPs are down, and a number of infrastructure projects have ground to a halt.

In spite of the myriad of challenges, investors can prosper and help Africa deliver on its growth prospects with the right approach and planning. The slowdown has been sharply felt across African continent but mostly in the large oil driven commodity exporters. This has resulted in a shift towards economic diversification and countries in East Africa providing more economic stability than other regions.

We, at Capital Markets in Africa, believe that despite lower growth rates, the resilience of African countries remains strong; prospects remain high with optimism not thwarted, hence the edition title: Africa’s Lions: Trust in Fundamentals.

Please download by clicking: INTO AFRICA PUBLICATION: MARCH 2017 EDITION.

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