INTO AFRICA August 2017 Edition: Delivering Value via African Capital Markets

LAGOS (Capital Markets in Africa) – Welcome to the August edition of INTO AFRICA, the publication with fresh insight into Africa’s emerging markets. This month edition focuses on Capital Markets in Africa and titled: Delivering Values via African Capital Markets.

The capital market is one of the key components of the engine of a modern economy, as it mobilises and pools savings from the public and efficiently channels them into business investments. It also helps firms and individuals to manage risks and provides incentives for companies to improve their performance. Capital markets complement other sectors of the financial system, such as banks and insurance firms; thus expanding the range of funding sources available such as public equity markets, private equity, and the issuance of debt securities) and creating alternative investible assets for investors.

As African economies and populations continue to grow, it is expected that the continent’s demand for infrastructure and consumer goods will generate increased financing requirements and that the capital markets will provide a proportion of that funding, allowing investors to participate in the growth prospects.

We start with a discourse from STUART MATTY (Partner, White & Case LLP, London), MICHAL AMIR (Associate, White & Case LLP, London) and PAUL GALLUP (Associate, White & Case LLP, London). They explore the emerging trends, developments, challenges, and opportunities as well as offer an overview and the structure of capital markets in Africa.

Please download by clicking: INTO AFRICA PUBLICATION: AUGUST 2017 EDITION

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