Morocco Market Watch | June 25th 2015: Morocco equity markets remain bullish…MASI Index up by 0.07 percent

Casablanca, Morocco (Capital Markets in Africa):- Morocco equity markets remain bullish today as a result, the Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Free Float Index) was up by 0.07 percent to close at 9,588.99 points (with a year-to-date performance to -0.32 percent)

Equally, Morocco’s most active share the MADEX Free Float index (MADEX) ended at 7,838.50 points up from 7,831.07 points (up by 0.09 percent compared to the previous day’s trading session).

On the other side, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index was down by -0.06 percent to close at 8379.76 down from 8,384.53 points recorded previously (-5.00 percent year-to-date performance) however the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index was up by 0.05 percent to end at 7,969.06 up from 7,965.41 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to -1.19 percent).

In terms of sector indices, the top gainers were Chemicals, Leisure and Hotels, Electricity, Insurance and Oil and Gas sector indices surging by 4.04 percent, 1.46 percent, 0.59 percent and 0.54 percent respectively.

On the other hand, Engineering & Equipment Industrial Goods sector index settled at 356.21 points (plunged by 1.96 percent to close the year-to-date performance at -28.17 percent), Investment Companies and Other Finance sector index held at 8,681.57 points (declined by -1.85 percent to end at -7.72 percent year-to-date return) and Food Producers and Processors sector index stood at 15,867.25 (tumbled by 0.68 percent and 1.06 percent year-to-date return).

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