Morocco Equity Watch | 27th July 2015: Morocco equity markets tips back into the red, MASI down 4.63 points and MADEX down 4.19 points…

Casablanca, Morocco (Capital Markets in Africa):- Morocco equity markets indices went back into the red today with the MASI index ending the session down and the MADEX also down as they were unable to sustain the gains made in previous days trading. Market capitalisation topped out at US$60,391 million.

The Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Index) lost 4.63 points decreasing by -0.05 percent to close at 9,687.43 down from its previous close of 9,692.06 recorded yesterday (taking the year-to-date performance to 0.70 percent). Equally, the Moroccan most active share index (MADEX)  decreased -0.05 percent or 4.19 points to close at  7,949.87 points down from the 7,945.06 points recorded yesterday, (bringing down the year to date to 1.25 percent). The FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index dipped 10.57 points to close at 8,504.78 points from its previous close of 8,515.35 decreasing by 0.12 percent (-3.58 percent year-to-date performance) likewise the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid index was down by 10.34 points falling by -0.13 percent to end at 8,134.60 down from its previous close of 8,144.94 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to 0.91 percent).

The market activity measured as total traded value was recorded as MAD 106,370 for the MADEX index and MAD 114,346 for the MASI index. Out of the 75 component stocks that make up the MASI index, the number of stocks showing a rise increased to 22 while 16 stocks showed a decline and 5 showing no change over the course of the days trading. For the MADEX the 50 component stocks registered 19 risers and 15 stocks that declined with 3 showing no change over the course of the days trading.

The five top most stocks on the MASI index in terms of Capitalization were ATTIJARIWAFA Bank with MAD 21,889 million for 203,527,226 securities at a price of MAD 358.50. ITTISSALAT-AL-MAGHRIB (MAD 20,245 million for 879,095,340 securities at MAD 115), BCP (MAD 9,827 million for 173,141,923 securities), LAFARGE CIMENT (MAD 8,166 million for 17,469 securities and BMCE BANK (MAD 7,779 million for 179,463,390 securities).

With regards to sector indices, the top gainers today were Materials, Software and Computer Services which climbed by 2.89 percent to 481.80 points, Utilities rising 4.29 percent to 1,825 points, Electricity which climbed by 1.49 percent to 1,217 points and Engineering & Equipment Industrial Goods sector indices which climbed 0.67 percent to 249.11 points respectively.

On the losers’ side were Leisure and Hotels (plunged by -2.38 percent to 883.40).

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