Mauritius Market Watch | May 21st 2015: Mauritius equity market indices were up during the session

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):-Mauritius equity market indices were up during the session. The Semdex and the SEM-10 gained 0.17 percent and 0.34 percent respectively. Market turnover amounted to MUR 19.4m mainly geared towards SUN, CIEL and MCB Group which accounted for 55.9 percent of total market turnover.

From the market movers’ viewpoint, MCB Group reached low of MUR 204.75 before closing unchanged at MUR 205.00 on 9,500 shares exchanged. Whilst SBM Holdings grew by 1.1 percent to MUR 0.95 on total volume of 1.7 million shares traded. But, CIM Financial Services opened lower at MUR 9.88, reached intraday low of MUR 9.80 before recovering to close at MUR 9.86 on 34.8k shares. Whereas, Swan General lost 1.4 percent to MUR 355.00 on 3.7k shares. Also, ENL Commercial was down by 4.5 percent to MUR 21.00 on 8.1k shares and Mauritius Oil Refinery Limited lost 0.4 percent to MUR 27.90 on 1.0k shares.

Furthermore, LUX Island Resorts  was the sole gainer among hotels, up by 0.4 percent to MUR 61.00 on 16.0k shares. New Mauritius Hotels witnessed exchanges of 16.8k shares flat at MUR 63.00. SUN saw 2 crosses of 92.6k shares and 30.0k shares at MUR 42.50 before rising to MUR 42.60 (+0.2 percent) on total volume of 143.8k shares. Lottotech reached low of MUR 5.40 before closing unchanged at MUR 5.50 on 33.9k shares.

In addition, Air Mauritius fell by 0.4 percent to MUR 11.35 on only 700 shares exchanged. Bluelife gained 0.8 percent to MUR 4.88 on 24.6k shares. Terra was the top performer of the day, up by 2.0 percent to MUR 31.00 on only 700 shares. CIEL saw a cross of 236.0k shares at MUR 6.94 before rising by 0.9 percent to MUR 7.00. ENL Land (O) fell by 0.5 percent to MUR 46.50 on 14.4k shares. POLICY fell by 4.3 percent to MUR 7.50 on 5.4k shares. ENL Land (P) was lower by 4.4 percent to MUR 43.00 on 2.2k shares.

On the DEM, the index gained 0.26 percent to 204.90 points. Market turnover amounted to MUR 6.0m mainly geared towards United Investment and Medine (O) which accounted for 58.9 percent of TMT. United Investment saw a cross of 162.7k shares flat at MUR 12.00. Medine (O) witnessed a cross of 20.0k shares at MUR 62.00 (-1.6 percent), before closing at that level. MASC was the top performer on the market, rallying 19.0 percent to MUR 2.50 on 13.0k shares. SAIL was the weakest performer, declining by 5.0 percent to MUR 19.95.

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