Mauritius Market Watch | June 16th 2015: Mauritius equity market adds MUR 61 million and indices marginally up

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):- Mauritius equity market retracted today to end in positive region, the SEMDEX index climbed by 0.03 percent or 0.58 points to close 1,973.34 points and the Sem-10 advanced by 0.08 percent or 0.31 points to 375.93 points. The market capitalization was recorded at MUR 219.391 billion, by adding MUR 61 million (against MUR 219.326 billion recorded at previous trading day) and overall total volume trade recorded at 1.339 million and turnover amounted to MUR 10.953 million. SBM Holdings Limited recorded 984,400 volume and turnover of MUR 915,492 and MDIT Limited recorded 106,600 traded securities valued at MUR 554,470. Equally, LOTTOTECH Limited recorded 41,635 traded stocks and turnover recorded at MUR 218,998 and LUX ISLAND RESORT Mauritius recorded 38,472 volume of traded securities.

The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) calculated at 0.71x with 5 gainers and 7 losers. On one hand, the price shakers were ATLANTIC LEAF PROPERTIES surged by 10.00 percent to close at £1.10, NEW MAURTIUS HOTEL increased by 2.44 percent to settle at MUR 21.00 and PROMOTION & DEVELOPMENT Limited climbed by 0.53 percent to end at MUR 95.00. Equally, MCB Group surged by 0.48 percent to trade at MUR 209.50 and CIM FINANCIAL gained 0.21 percent with closing price of MUR 9.74. On the other hand, BLUELIFE Limited and Air Mauritius plunged by 1.96 percent (to close at MUR 5.00) and 1.79 percent (with closing price of MUR 11.00) respectively. Likewise, NATIONAL INVESTMET TRUST Limited tumbled by 1.12 percent to close at MUR 44.00 and SBM Holdings plummeted by 0.71 percent to close at MUR 0.93.

On the DEM counter, the DEMEX index plunged by 0.03 percent to close at 205.18 points and market capitalization of MUR 48.763 (a decrease of MUR 36 million relative to previous trading sessions of  MUR 48.799 billion) and market turnover of MUR 8.020 million on volume of 149,350. There were two losers and the losers were LES MOULINS lost 4.26 percent to conclude at MUR 315.00 and MED & SURG Limited plunged by 2.00 percent to conclude at MUR 2.45. While the gainer was TROPICAL PAR surged by 1.62 percent to settle at MUR 6.28.

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