Mauritius Equity Markets | 1 Sep 2015 : Mauritius Equity Markets end in red, investors lose US$7.1 million

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa) — Mauritius equity trading moved from green zone recorded yesterday to start the new month on a negative mood. The equity market capitalization ended at MUR 214.757 million after losing MUR 248 million (US$ 7.1 million) relative to previous market capitalization of MUR 215.005 billion.  

The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) fell by 0.12 percent or 2.23 points to close at 1,928.47 points and SEM10 index closed at 367.57 points after falling by 0.11 percent or 0.40 points.

The overall total volume trade ended at 4.460 million (a fall relative to volume of 33.197 million recorded on previous trading session) and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 49.347 million (a fall relative to MUR 67.312 million recorded at previous trading session).

The most active traded securities by volume were SMB Holdings recorded 3.857 million (about 87 percent of total volume) at MUR 3.240 million and New Mauritius Hotels registered 193,610 traded stocks amounted to MUR 3.565 million. MCB Group had 103,233 stocks at MUR 21.576 million and Terra Limited recorded a total volume of 68,000 shares at MUR 1.981 million. Sun Resorts Limited also recorded 40,400 shares at MUR 1.576 million.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, among the 29 traded securities there were 3 price gainer and 5 losers. Mauritius Union Assurance emerged as the top gainer by gaining 2.13 percent to end at MUR 72.00, POLICY Mauritius ended at MUR 6.70 after surging by 0.30 percent and NEWGOLD ETF ended at MUR 381.20 after surging by 0.05 percent.

 On the contrary, the loser was Gamma Civic Limited with a price reduction of 3.47 percent to trade at MUR 25.00 and Terra sagged by 1.69 percent to conclude at MUR 29.90. Lottotech Limited tumbled by 0.74 percent to end at MUR 4.02. New Mauritius Hotels settled at MUR 18.40 after plunging by MUR 0.10 or 0.54 percent and Promotion and Development Limited went down by 0.52 percent to settle at MUR 95.00.

The DEMEX index ended at 204.15 points after collapsed by 0.24 points or 0.12 percent. The market capitalization lost by MUR 58 million to close at MUR 48.518 (relative to MUR 48.576 billion recorded previous trading session). The total value traded was MUR 3.728 million exchanged in 240,618 traded securities. MFD Group gained 2.80 percent to end at MUR 11.00, Phoenix Investment closed at MUR 251.00 after gaining 0.40 percent and Mauritius Second Industrial by 0.16 percent to end at MUR 31.55. ENL Investment (-2.48 percent to end at MUR 49.25) and ENL Limited (-0.35 percent at MUR 28.80).

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