Ghana Market Watch | May 29th 2015: Ghanaian benchmark index marginally adds 4bps

Accra, Ghana (Capital Markets in Africa):- Ghana equity benchmark composite index rose by 1.02 points to end the day at 2,362.63, representing a year- to- date return of 4.49 percent. The Financial stock index also trimmed 5.63 points to 2,416.70 with a year-to-date return of 7.71 percent.

Trading activity on the stock market was impressive with demand by bargain investors leading to gains in nine equities. Fan Milk Limited Ghana led nine movers climbing GHS 0.21 to GHS 5.54. Also, five equities gained GHS 0.02 each and Starwin Products Ltd and Aluworks ended the week at GHS 0.04 and GHS 0.07. At the same time, Ghana Oil and HFC Bank closed at GHS1.22 and GHS 1.72, and Unilever Ghana closed at GHS 7.52 from GHS 7.50. 

In addition, Mechanical Lloyd and Societe Generale Ghana added GHS 0.01 each to GHS 0.19 and GHS 0.95 respectively.

On the other hand, Standard Chartered Bank trimmed GHS 0.08 to GHS 20.12 while Ghana Commercial Bank and Pioneer Kitchenware ended the week at GHS 5.04 and GHS 0.05 from GHS 5.19 and GHS 0.06 respectively.

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