Egypt Equity Watch | 4th Aug 2015: Egyptian equity markets indices up, local buys worth EGP 796 mill push up market cap….

Egypt (Capital Markets in Africa):- Egyptian equity markets Benchmark Index EGX 30, EGX70, EGX100 and the EGX20 capped index were all up today as the markets recovered and market capitalisation increased pushed by positive local investor sentiment worth a value of over EGP 796 million in todays trading.

The benchmark index EGX30 was up 94.41 points to close the day on 8181.95, an  increase of 1.17 percent from its previous close of 8087.54 points (with the resultant year-to-date performance of -8.34 percent and equal to 3,592 points in US$ terms).

The EGX20 Capped index was up 117.59 points, increasing by 1.44 percent to close at 8267.69 up from 8150.10 recorded at the last session (bringing year-to-date return to -17.58 percent).

The EGX70 index was also up 9.97  points to settle at 463.51 points up by 2.20 percent from its previous value of 453.54 registered yesterday (-18.03 percent year-to-date return).

The broader index EGX100 was up 11.44 points to settle at 948.38 points, an increase of 1.22 percent from it’s previous close of 936.94 recorded yesterday (-13.03 percent year to date performance).

From a market activity perspective, today’s market capitalisation settled at EGP 495,830 billion.

In terms of investor type, Foreign Investors were outweighed by the local Investors recording a buy value of EGP 88,406,513 million whilst the local investors registered a buy value of EGP 796,997,857. Foreign sales came to EGP 130,909,932 against the local investor sell value of EGP 633,546,860 million improving on yesterdays activity leaving an overall net value in excess of EGP 163,450 million to local investors.

In terms of market price gainers and losers, on the gainers side were TransOcean Tours up 0.01 points, to rise 12.50 percent to close the trading session at US$ 0.09 per share, El Nasr Transformers (El Maco) up 0.53 points to close at EGP 6.03 growing by 9.64 percent. Saudi Egyptian Investment and Finance up 5.08 points, to rise 9.41 percent to close the trading session at EGP 59.08 per share, General Silos and Storage up 2.39 points to close at EGP 34.26 growing by 7.50 percent and  Alexandria Containers and Goods up 16.38 points, to rise 7.36 percent to close the trading session at US$ 238.84 per share.

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