Cote d’Ivoire Equity Watch | 15 July 2015: BRVM stock markets close higher … added XOF 57 billion

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (Capital Markets in Africa):- BRVM (The Regional Stock Exchange of eight West Africa) closed its trading session this Wednesday, higher than the previous day. BRVM 10 index rose from 287.78 to 291.63 points, a gain of 1.34%. BRVM Composite index gained 0.81% to 287.88 against 285.57 points previously.

The equity market capitalization also added XOF 57 billion to close at XOF 7,103.48 billion relative to previous trading sessions’ market capitalization of XOF 7,046.49 billion.

The market activity was heavy today with the total volume at 2.199 million shares compared to 179,576 recorded at previous trading sessions and total traded value was XOF 2,902 million (against XOF 320.926 million recorded at previous trading session) exchanged in 29 traded securities via 252 deals. Today’s top stock by volume was ECOBANK TRANSNATIONAL INCORPORATION Togo with 2.057 million traded shares (accounted for nearly 94 percent of the total volume) and PALM COTE D’IVOIRE recorded the highest turnover of XOF 951.09 million contributing about 36 percent of total traded value.  The Liquidity ratio (measured by Volume traded/ Ask orders volume) ended at 97.35 percent and Price Earnings Ratio was recorded at 21.42.

Looking at the price movers and shakers, out of the 27 traded securities there were 9 price leaders, 13 laggards and 5 remained unchanged, hence market breathe ended negative. TOTAL COTE D’IVOIRE added 6.19 percent to end at XOF 429,500 and SERVAIR ABIDJAN COTE D’IVOIRE advanced by 5.13 percent to conclude at XOF 82,000. Likewise, ECOBANK TRANSNATIONAL INCORPORATION Togo gained 4.92 percent to settle at XOF 64.00 and SGB COTE D’IVOIRE surged by 3.98 percent with a closing price of XOF 107,000.

On the contrary, among the price shakers were CROWN SIEM COTE D’IVOIRE plummeted by 7.20 percent to trade at XOF 27,000 and ONATEL BURKINA FASO tumbled by 6.01 percent to close at XOF 9,300. Also, PALM COTE D’IVOIRE and BOLLORE AFRICA LOGISTIC COTE D’IVOIRE declined by 5.19 percent to close at XOF 14,850 and 2.56 percent to end at XOF 190,000 respectively.

From sector viewpoint, financial services sector index climbed by 3.35 percent and distribution added 2.45 percent. However, industry sector index tumbled by 1.31 percent to close 162.15 points and public utilities sector indices lost 0.13 percent. Transportation sector index also went down by 2.50 percent and Agriculture sector index 2.74 percent. Miscellaneous sector index remained unchanged to end at 518.52 points.

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