Botswana Market Watch | June 10th 2015: Botswana domestic composite index kept its upward impetus, by adding 1.16 percent

Gaborone, Botswana (Capital Markets in Africa):- The Botswana domestic composite index kept its upward impetus, by adding 1.16 percent to extend its year-to-date growth by 12.61 percent. However, the foreign composite index remained flat to close at 1,569 points and year-to-date return is still in the red at -0.47. However, the equity market capitalization fell by BWP 110.31 million to end the day at BWP 382.152 billion.

From the market activity viewpoint, the market total volume was recorded at 2.730 million valued at BWP 9.88 million. First National Bank Botswana recorded the highest volume at 873,034 accounted for almost 32 percent. It is followed by BARCLAYS with volume of 544,762 and 2.261 million turnover. Others most traded securities by volume were CHOPPIES recorded a volume of 434,699 traded securities(BWP 1.939 million turnover) and TURNSTAR recorded volume of 613,553.

Looking at the price movers’, Chobe was the largest gainer having a 2 session rallying streak as investors took in their recent year-end results. The tourism outfit which was trading at a new 52 week high of BWP 5.60 after surging by BWP 0.09, realized an 11% y/y growth in bed nights sold. On the banking space, Barclays pocketed BWP 0.04 to end the session at BWP 4.15. On the negative territory, Engen plunged by BWP 0.25 to trade at BWP 8.25. Meanwhile Letshego and Choppies shed BWP 0.03 and BWP 0.04 trading at BWP 3.40 and BWP 4.46 respectively.

On the currency market, the Botswana Pula (BWP) recovered against the US Dollar, Euro and British Pound but shed ground relative to the South African Rand Japanese Yen. The Pula depreciated by 0.54 percent against South African Rand and depreciated by 0.56 percent against Japanese Yen. However, appreciated by 0.60 percent (to close at BWP 1 to US$0.1005), 0.68 percent (to trade at BWP 1 to Euro 0.089) and 0.15 percent (to close at BWP 1.00 to £0.0652) against US Dollar, Euro and British Pound respectively.

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