Zimbabwe Market Watch | 8th July 2015: Zimbabwe industrial index puts up a fight, ends up 0.74 points, mining down -6.43%, but market cap tops US3,814 Mill..

Harare, Zimbabwe (Capital Markets in Africa):– The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index climbed out of the red zone as the week entered it’s second day of trading with market capitalization also in the red. Market activity, foreign buys and foreign sales all dropped down into the red at the end of the day’s session with only the Mining Index finding some recovery.

The Industrial index was up 0.74 points increasing by 0.51 percent to end at 145.77 points, bringing the year-to-date to 10.45 percent and -22.08 on a year-on-year basis.

The Mining index however, lost ground on the previous days trading losing by -2.71 points, a decrease of -6.43 percent to settle at 39.39 points (-45.07 percent and -27.80 percent year-to-date and year-on-year return respectively).

The market capitalization ended at US$ 3.814 million, pulled up by gains in the Industrial Index. The market activity recorded a Turnover of US$705,309 via 34 trade transactions.

Investment by Foreign investors jumped to US$555,190 while foreign sales of US$537,467 leaving a US$17,723 difference at end of today’s trading session. ECONET WIRELESS Ltd and DAIRIBORD HOLDINGS Ltd recorded the highest foreign trading sales of US$525,000 and US$19,664 respectively.

Out of the 34 traded securities, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Ltd led the market activity with 1.5 million securities traded with a value of US$525,000 with a price of US$35. This was followed by Dairibord Zimbabwe Ltd with 640,700 Shares traded at US$8.00  giving a value of US$51,256. Ariston Holdings Ltd also weighed in with volume purchases of 393,300 traded securities with a value of US$1,967 at a price of US$0.50.

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