Zimbabwe Market Watch | 1 July 2015: Zimbabwe equities extends its bleeding, market cap US$41 million falls and indices massively down.

Harare, Zimbabwe (Capital Markets in Africa):- The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index and market capitalization continued to walk in the red district at end of today’s session. The industrial index somersaulted  by 1.10 percent or 1.50 points to end at 146.90 points, resulting to -9.76 percent year-to-date and -21.25 on year-on-year basis. Also, the mining index tumbled by 4.42 percent or 1.95 percent to settle at 42.34 points (-40.95 percent and 30.95 percent year-to-date and year-on-year return respectively).

The market capitalization end at US$ 3.824 billion, by giving away US$41 million (against 3.865 billion market cap recorded at yesterday’s trading session).

The market activity was heavy today with a turnover of US$1.546 million (relative to US$63,657 recorded at previous trading session) exchanged in 22 traded securities via 49 trade transactions. Foreign investor bought US$1.033 million and foreign sells US$617,191 at end of today’s trading sessions. Out of the 16 traded securities, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe had 718,614 traded securities at US$1.892 million and INNSCOR Africa Limited recorded 789,283 at US$473,570. Likewise, Dairibond Holdings Limited registered 2.132 million traded volumes valued at US$170,581 and Delta Corporation Limited recorded 664,220 traded volumes at US$27,896.

On the market price advancers and decliners, four securities ended in the green region and seven ended in the red region. On the green district were DAWN Properties Limited surged by 6.66 cents or 0.10 percent  to trade at 1.60 cents and Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited plunged by 5.00 cents or 0.20 percent to close at 4.20 cents. Likewise, ZIMRE Property Investment Limited gained 2.49 percent or 0.01 cents to end at 0.82 cents and CFI Holdings Limited surged by 0.40 percent at 2.50 cents.

Conversely, Zimplow Limited (-40.00 cents at 3.00 cents), Rainbow Tourism Group Limited (down by 10.00 percent or 0.10 cent to settle at 0.90 cents on 44,669 securities) and HIPPO Valley Estates Limited (slid by 7.89 percent or 3.00 cents to trade at 35.00 cents). Still on the red district, BINDURA NICKEL Limited plunged by 5.40 percent or 0.20 cents with a closing price of 3.50 cents, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited plummeted by 5.02 percent or 2.01 cents to end at 37.99 cents and DELTA Corporation Limited plunged by 0.99 percent to conclude at 100.00 cents.

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