Zimbabwe Equity Markets | 16 Oct 2015: ZSE Industrial Index enters green zone, up 0.35%, Mining remains flat, Market Cap up by US$12 Mill….

Harare, Zimbabwe, Capital Markets in Africa — The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index ended the week today moving into the green zone as the main index rose during the days trading while the mining index remained flat. The Industrial Index gained by 0.46 points to close 131.08 points, up by 0.35 percent. The ZSE Industrial index year-to-date settled at 19.47 percent.

The market capitalisation ended at US$3,422 billion up by US$12 million compared to the US$3.410 billion recorded in the previous session.

The market activity today recorded a turnover of US$156,362, down by US$166,807 from the previous session, exchanged in 15 traded securities via 35 trade transactions. Four Foreign investor buys were recorded today by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited for US$87,696, Delta Corporation Limited for US$8,099 and First Mutual Holdings Limited for US$6,837 and Old Mutual Holdings PLC for US$1,153 while there were three foreign sales recorded by African distillers Limited for US$8700, Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited for US$4,550 and Meikles Limited for US$62 .


In terms of values and volumes traded among the 10 traded securities, Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited recorded US$4,662 exchanged in 358,624 traded stocks, First Mutual Holdings Limited totalled US$6,837 exchanged in 338,480 traded securities, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited recorded US$90,101 exchanged in 333,583 traded stocks and Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited totalled US$2,202 exchanged in 50,983 traded securities.


In terms of market strength, there were five price gainers and two price losers hence the market strength ended positive. The price gainers were African distillers Limited closed at US$0.580 after increasing by 11.53 percent, British American Tobacco Zimbabwe Limited closed at US$11.80 after increasing by 1..28 percent and First Mutual Holdings Limited closed at US$0.0202 after increasing by 1.00 percent.


The price losers were NicozDiamond Insurance Limited decreased by 12.28 percent or US$0.00021 to close at US$0.0150 and Old Mutal PLC decreased by 1.03 percent or US$0.0231 to close at US$2.2069 


The Mining index showed no increase or decrease to close at 23.68 points today.  Hwange Colliery Company Limited traded at US$0.0350, RioZim Limited traded at US$0.0120, Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited traded at US$0.0130 and Falcon Gold Limited traded at US$0.0050.

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