Tanzania Equity Markets | 23 Sep 2015 : Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange witness the Bull, indices and market cap higher …

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania, Capital Markets in Africa — The Tanzania equity market witnessed the bullish sentiments at the end of Wednesday’s trading session with the equity market capitalization and All Share index ended higher. The equity market capitalization gained TZS 9.67 billion (about US$261.63 million) to end at TZS 22,162 billion relative to market capitalization of TZS 22,152 billion recorded at previous trading session.

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange index (DSEI) sagged by 1.11 points or 0.05 percent to end at 2,530.11 points. The Tanzanian domestic Share Index rose by 4.60 points or 0.10 percent to close at 4,592.03 points.  

The Banks, Finance & Investment sector index surged by 24.58 points or 0.84 percent to end at 2,947.09 points. Industrial & Allied sector index lost 0.09 percent or 5.83 points to close at 6,219.31 points and Commercial services sector index dropped 33.48 points or 0.83 percent to close at 4,024.41.

Today, the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange recorded a total turnover of TZS 190.08 million from 75,368 shares traded in 37 deals compared to the previous session which recorded a turnover of TZS 1,047.23 million from 1,087,445 shares traded in 82 deals. CRDB had 51,430 shares traded in 9 deals and Maendeleo Bank PLC exchanged 6.730 shares in 2 deals. Tanzania Breweries Limited traded 296 shares in 4 deals. Tanzania Cigarette Company traded 8,950 shares in 3 deals and TOL Gases Limited had 5,600 in 1 deal and Swissport Tanzania Limited had 577 shares in 12 deals.  

On the market strength/breath perspectives, the markets breathe ended positive today, with three gainers and three losers. National Microfinance Bank added 2.14 percent to settle at TZS 2,870; TOL Gases Limited grew by 0.67 percent to close at TZS 755.00 and Tanzania Cigarette Company surged by 0.12 percent to end at TZS 16,300. Conversely, CRDB Tanzania fell by 1.32 percent to settle at TZS 375.00; Swissport Tanzania Limited sagged by 1.05 percent to trade at TZS 7,520 and Tanzania Breweries Limited plummeted by 0.20 percent to surrender at TZS 16,170.00. 

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