Tanzania Equity Markets | 09 Oct 2015 : Negative Mood Persists at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange Equity Trading, US$155 million down

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania, Capital Markets in Africa — Tanzania Dar Es Salaam Stock equity market capitalization dropped TZS 335 billion (about US$155 million) to end at TZS 21,111 billion relative to market capitalization of TZS 21,446 billion recorded at previous trading session.

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange index (DSEI) sagged by 38.97 points or 1.59 percent to end at 2,409.71 points. Also, Tanzanian domestic Share Index slumped by 1.00 points or 0.02 percent to end at 4,592.45 points.  

In term of the sector, the Banks, Finance & Investment sector fell by 0.04 percent or 1.31 points to end at 3,086.15 points. Industrial & Allied sector index remained unchanged to close at 6,130.88 points and Commercial services sector index plunged by 12.56 points or 0.32 percent to close at 3,936.51.

Today, the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange recorded a total turnover of TZS 83.36 million from 34,939 shares traded in 44 deals compared to the previous session which recorded a turnover of TZS 5,191.00 million from 9,556,909 shares traded in 96 deals. CRDB traded 9,329 shares traded in 11 deals and National Microfinance Bank exchanged 12,640 shares in 2 deals. Tanzania Cigarette Company traded 600 shares in 3 deals. Tanzania Portland Cement Company traded 40 shares in 1 deal and Swissport Tanzania Limited had 530 shares in 9 deals.  Tanzania Breweries Limited registered 1,664 shares in 6 deals.

On the market strength/breath perspectives, the markets breathe ended negative today, with two gainer and six laggards. Kenya Airways added 9.09 percent to settle at TZS 120 and Uchumi Supermarket Limited closed at TZS 210.00 after surging by 5.00 percent. Whereas, Acacia Mining Limited dropped 6.63 percent to close at TZS 6,690 and East Africa Breweries Limited close at TZS 5,450 after falling by 2.68 percent. DCB Commercial Bank dropped 2.56 percent to end at TZS 570.00,Kenya Commercial Bank slumped by 1.08 percent to end at TZS 920, Swissport Tanzania Limited plunged by 0.41 percent to trade t TZS 7,310 and Jubilee Holdings Limited ended at TZS 10,410 by dropping 0.38 percent.

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