South Africa Market Watch | 11 Aug 2015: South Africa equities market gains, lead by Gold miner gains

Johannesburg, South Africa (Capital Markets in Africa) — Monday was National Women day public holiday in South Africa, so the Johannesburg Stock Exchange was closed and reopened today to close on on a bullish momentum. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) All Share surged by 206.21 or 0.40 percent to close at 52,221.17 points and the JSE Top 40 index climbed by 0.41 percent or 190.59 points to end at 46,622.58 points.

On the same trend, financial sector index surged by 0.68 percent or 313.77 points at 46,507.38 points. Both Industrial sector index and industrial 25 index accelerated by 0.46 percent to close at 75,560.74 points and 0.47 percent to settle at 67,398.40 points respectively. Likewise, the Gold mining sector index added 2.83 percent with a closing level of 783.63 points but the resource index down by 0.54 percent or 193.96 points at 35,635.11 points.

Looking at the market strength/breath, the market recorded 214 price gainers and 138 price losers as well as 60 remained unchanged, hence market strength/breathe ended positive.  On the top ten gainers list for today was Cadiz Holdings, whose shares advanced 7.34 percent to ZAR 1.90 after investors traded 2,855,835 shares in 134 deals. DRD Gold also rose; climbing 7.19 percent to ZAR 1.64 after 231 deals exchanged a total of 1,657,010 shares. Cognition Holdings Limited surged by 25.83 percent to end at ZAR 1.90 and ELB Group advanced by 13.35 percent to settle at ZAR 31.00.

On the contrary, losing 4.96 percent was New Europe Property Investment PLC, after investors bought and sold 1,878,071 shares in 1,861 deals and sent the share price down to ZAR 140.00. Lewis Group slid to ZAR 63.28 after investors traded 1,153,207 shares in 1,721 deals, resulting in a loss in share price of 4.38%. OAKBAY Resources & Energy Limited down by 14.28 percent at ZAR 30.00. Aveng Group Limited lost 14.27 percent to end at ZAR 6,160.00. Montauk Holdings Limited also declined by 8.84 percent at ZAR 10.00.

On the currency markets front, the South rand was weaker against US dollar at ZAR 12.7906 by deprecating by 1.17 percent and by 0.94 percent against British pound to trade at ZAR 19.8776. The rand fell by 1.21 percent against the Euro to close at ZAR 14.1058.

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