South Africa Equity Markets |15 Sep 2015: South Africa equity markets sustain uptrend today, JSE All Shares index….

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Capital Markets in Africa — Today the South Africa equity markets continued the positive momentum after all indices closed in green zone except the financial sector index which ended in red. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) All Share index ended 0.25 percent or 125.08 points higher to close at 49,491.68 points. The JSE Top 40 index also soared by 172.31 points or 0.39 percent to end at 43,985.37 points.

The JSE Financial sector index fell by 0.29percent or 122.99 points to end at 42,928.27 points. Both Industrial and industrial 25 sector indexes higher by 0.32 percent to close at 71,621.55 points and rose by 0.47 percent to settle at 63,845.91 points respectively. The resource index surged by 0.94 percent or 331.44 points to close at 35,645.15 points and the Gold mining sector index gained 0.33 percent or 3.10 points with a closing level of 931.22 points.

Looking at the market strength/breath (measured as ratio of gainers to losers), the market recorded 132 price gainers, 198 price losers and 67 remained unchanged, hence market strength/breathe closed negative.  Out of the top gainers was Eastern Platinum Limited, whose shares rose by 17.65 percent to end at ZAR 10.00 after investors exchanged 230 shares. Lonmin Plc soared by 8.05 percent after traded 2,552,919 shares, boosting the share price to ZAR 4.70. Cadiz Holdings Limited also jumped by8.02 percent to end at ZAR 1.75 after investors traded 35,500 shares. Mazor Group Limited advanced by 6.67 percent to end at ZAR 1.60 after exchanged a total of 32,470 shares. Argent Industrial Limited climbed by 5.99 percent to end at ZAR 4.25 after trading 11,920 shares.

On the losers’ table was, Sabvest Limited whose shares fell to ZAR 21.00 after 3,000 shares were bought and sold, resulting in a fall of 38.24 percent. South32 Limited tumbled by 6.79 percent to close at ZAR 14.70, after 1,462,276 shares were traded. Sabanye Gold Limited sagged by 6.30 percent to trade at ZAR 17.20 a share after investors bought and sold 5,294,061 shares. Value Group Limited slumped by 5.97 percent to trade at ZAR 3.15 after 2,090 deals. After investors bought and sold 892,329 shares, DRDGOLD Limited plunged by 5.50 percent to trade at ZAR 1.89.

On the currency markets front, the South rand was stronger against US dollar at ZAR 13.4756 by adding 0.05 percent and against British pound to trade at ZAR 20.6300 after gaining 0.69 percent. The rand gained 0.59 percent against the Euro to close at ZAR 15.1690.

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