Morocco Market Watch | June 23rd 2015: Morocco equity markets reverse to bullish sentiment … MAD 1.2 billion gains

Casablanca, Morocco (Capital Markets in Africa):- Morocco equity market reversed to bullish sentiment today against yesterday bearish mood. As a result, the Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Index) rose by 0.46 percent to close at 9,592.29 points (with a year-to-date performance to -0.29 percent) with total market capitalization at MAD 486.406 billion (gave away nearly MAD 1.2 billion against previous trading session market cap of MAD 485.210 billion) and market activities measured as total traded value ended at MAD 44.821 million (relative to previous trading sessions’ turnover of MAD 24.147 million). Equally, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) ended at 7,839.52 points (surged by 0.47 percent compared to previous trading session). Likewise, FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index climbed by 0.65 percent to close at 8,391.26 points (-4.87 percent year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index advanced by 0.72 percent to end at 7,990.72 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to -0.87 percent).

In term of sector indices, top gainers were Pharmaceutical Industry, Holdings Companies and Forestry & Paper sector indices surged by 3.82 percent, 2.57 percent and 2.50 percent respectively. On the contrary, Mining sector index (plunged by 1.52 percent to close the year-to-date performance at -8.77 percent), Food Producers & Processors sector index (declined by 1.51 percent to end at 4.94 percent year-to-date return) and Chemicals sector index (tumbled by 0.41 percent and -42.68 percent year-to-date return).

HOLCIM MAROC led the price gainers chart, by adding 4.78 percent to end at MAD 2,258.00 and then followed by SOTHEMA closing at MAD 1,300.00 after climbing by 4.00 percent or MAD 0.50. Whereas ATTIJARIWAFA advanced by 3.23 percent to end at MAD 353.60 and CIMENTS MAROC surged by 2.95 percent to settle at MAD 1,220.00. On the contrary, BMCI was the top losers a giving way MAD 23.00 or 3.57 percent to close at MAD 621.00. The other losers were MANAGEM and STOKVIS NORD AFRIQUE stumbled by 3.37 percent (to settle at MAD 860.00) and 3.25 percent (to end at MAD 26.20) respectively. Equally, COSUMAR and COLORADO plunged by 2.55 percent (with closing price of MAD 185.05) and 1.37 percent (to settle at MAD 72.00) respectively.

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