Morocco Equity Watch | 3rd July 2015: Morocco equity markets rally as Market sentiment recovers to move index up 80 points..

Casablanca, Morocco (Capital Markets in Africa):- Morocco equity markets rallied to recover ending the week up following on from previous days losses.

The Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Index) gained by 0.73 percent to close at 9,621.22 up 80.09 points from the 9,541.13 points recorded yesterday (with a year-to-date performance to 0.01 percent).  On the same note, the Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) closed at 7,878,91 up from the 7,812.59 points recorded yesterday, rising 0.85 percent compared to previous trading session.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index surged by 0.78 percent to close at 8,388,91 up on the 8,345.94 points recorded yesterday (-4.89 percent year-to-date performance) likewise the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index climbed by 1.28 percent to end at 8,040.74 up 111.1 points from its previous close of 7,929.64 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to 0.25 percent).

The market activities measured as total traded value was recorded at MAD 112.739 million (lower than MAD 105.379 million recorded at previous trading sessions) from a total of 2.399 million tradeable securities.

The four top most actively traded stocks by value were DOUJA PROM ADDOHA (MAD 3.030 million), SONASID (MAD 0.411 million), SAHAM ASSURANCE (MAD 0.213 million) and TOTAL MAROC (MAD 0.26 million).

With regards to Sector indices, top gainers were Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Leisure and Hotels and Chemicals sector indices which climbed by 9.97 percent, 4.34 percent and 2.98 percent respectively. They were followed by  Telecommunications and Real Estate with 1.73 percent and 1.62 percent to make up the top 5 gainers.

On the losers’ side were Insurance, Engineering and Equipment Industrial Goods and Investment Companies & Other Finance sector indices (plunged by -2.77 percent, -2.37 percent and -2.07 respectively to close the year-to-date performance at 1.61, -28.9 and -8.63 percent respectively).  Pharmaceutical Industry sector index (declined by -0.40 percent to end at -3.35 percent year-to-date return) and Oil & Gas sector index (went down by 0.17 percent) make up the top 5 losers.

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