Morocco Equity Markets | 17 Sep 2015: Investors lose MUR 4 Billion, MADEX 1.07% lower …

Casablanca, Morocco, Capital Markets in Africa — On Thursday, the Bear reappeared after one day in the bullish mood. The Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Index) down by 1.07 percent to close at 9,200.22 points (with a year-to-date performance to -4.36 percent) with total market capitalization at MAD 470.567 billion (a decrease of MAD 4,069 million  or US$420 million relative to previous market capitalization of MAD 474.636). The market activity measured as total traded value was recorded at MAD 55.032 million.

Likewise, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) closed at 7,525.14 points (fell by 1.06 percent compared to previous trading session). FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index declined by 1.67 percent to close at 8,019.99 points (-9.08 percent year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index plunged by 1.23 percent to end at 7,724.16 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to -4.18 percent).

In term of sector indices, top gainers were Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Forestry & Paper and Electricity sector indices surged by 3.57 percent, 1.00 percent and 0.30 percent respectively. On the negative side, Real Estate sector index (sagged by 6.00 percent to close the year-to-date performance at -39.04 percent), Beverages sector index (tumbled by 5.07 percent to end at -11.80 percent year-to-date return) and Holding Companies sector index (sagged by 3.44 percent to end at 3,919.45 levels).

Looking at the market price leaders and laggards, the leaders’ were, M2M Group surged by 5.62 percent to end at MAD 239.75 and NEXANS MAROC soared by 3.57 percent to settle at MAD 145.00. STOKVIS NORD AFRIQUE also rose by 1.08 percent or MAD 0.26 with closing price of MAD 24.25 as well as MED PAPER climbed by 1.00 percent to conclude at MAD 16.20. However, BRASSERIES DU MAROC and FENIE BROSSETTE plunged by 6.00 percent (to settle at MAD 1,880.00) and 5.78 percent (to trade at MAD 114.90) respectively. JET CONTRACTORS and ZELLIDJA S.A also sagged by 5.56 percent (with closing price of MAD 170) and crashed by 5.13 percent (to settle at MAD 159.95) respectively.

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