Morocco Equity Markets | 09 Nov 2015: Equity market capitalization US$242 higher, all sector indices in green except Bank …

Casablanca, Morocco, Capital Markets in Africa — The Bull opened the week after the Moroccan benchmark stock index (measured as MASI Index) advanced by 0.65 percent to end at 9,232.25 points (with a year-to-date performance to -4.03 percent). The equity market capitalization ended at MAD 464.902 billion (an increase of MAD 2.3 million or US$242 million relatively to the previous market capitalization of MAD 462.554 billion).

The market activity measured as total traded value was recorded at MAD 57.931 million compared to MAD 47.167 million recorded at the previous trading session.

At the same time, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) ended at 7,527.60 points (adding 0.60 percent compared to the previous trading session). FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index surged by 1.11 percent to close at 7,949.65 points (-9.87 percent year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index increased by 0.79 percent to close at 7,732.49 points (to bring the year-to-date performance to -4.07 percent).

In term of sector indices, top gainers were Holdings Companies, Forestry & Paper and Oil & Gas sector indices gained 4.97 percent, 3.50 percent and 3.15 percent respectively. On the other hand, Banks sector index (dipped by 0.24 percent to close the year-to-date performance at -0.53 percent).

Looking at the market price movers and shakers, the movers were ALLIANCES advanced by 10.00 percent to close at MAD 48.40 and STROC INDUSTRIE accelerated by 9.98 percent to trade at MAD 52.79. AUTO Hall also rose by 6.00 percent or MAD 5.65 with a closing price of MAD 99.85 as well as M2M Group jumped by 5.98 percent to end at MAD 219.60. STROC NORD AFRIQUE surged by 5.97 percent or MAD 1.32 to trade at MAD 23.42.

In the red zone, CIMENTS MAROC and SONASID slacked by 5.99 percent (to settle at MAD 1,161.00) and slumped by 3.07 percent (to trade at MAD 561.10) respectively. Banque Centrale Populaire S.A and AFRIQUE INDUSTRIES SA also plummeted by 1.53 percent (with a closing price of MAD 212.60) and plunged by 0.59 percent (to settle at MAD 339.50) respectively. Also, COSUMAR SA fell by 0.35 percent to settle at MAD 172.90.

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