Mobius: Africa Offers Best Emerging Opportunities

London (Capital Markets in Africa):- Emerging market guru Mark Mobius tells investors not to be put off by negative headlines – there are plenty of viable growth opportunities in the African stock markets.

Emma Wall: Hello and welcome to the Morningstar Investment Conference. I’m Emma Wall and I’m joined today by Dr. Mark Mobius of Franklin Templeton to talk about the opportunities in emerging markets.

Hello Mark.

Mark Mobius: Hi, how are you?

Wall: So you just gave a really interesting presentation at the Morningstar Investment Conference and you showed that since you’ve been investing since 1988, there have been three bear markets. Looking at those and where we are now, would you say we’re in bull or bear?

Mobius: We’re definitely in a bull market now, and you can see what’s happening in China is one example. It’s really going up a lot. India has been doing very well. Of course you must remember that in every bull market there will be periods of decline, there will be corrections and these corrections can be as much as 20%. But you could still be in a bull market over the longer-term.

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