Mauritius Market Watch | May 27th 2015: Mauritius equity market continued in negative territory

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):-Mauritius equity market indices ended the session in negative territory. The Semdex lost 0.25% to 1962.95 points and the SEM-10 lost 0.36% to 373.23 points. Total market turnover amounted to MUR 98.9m mainly geared towards SBM Holdings and CIEL which accounted for 80.4% of total market turnover. The market capitalization ended the trading session at MUR 218.23 billion.  

SBM Holdings traded flat on its ex-div reference price of MUR 0.93 on 43.6 million shares exchanged, witnessing several crosses. MCB Group lost 0.2% to MUR 203.75 on total volume of 17,600 shares . CIM Financial Services saw a cross of 513,000 shares at MUR 9.84 (remained unchanged). Gamma was the weakest industrial stock, down by 3.3% to MUR 29.00 on 6,300 shares traded. United Basalt Product (last cum-div) gained 1.1% to MUR 90.00 on 4,500 shares exchanged. Futhermore, Omnicane was the top gainer on the market and gained 2.4% to MUR 73.75 on 8,700 shares. Bluelife reached low of MUR 4.80 before closing unchanged at MUR 4.84 on 8,600 shares.

However, there were no movers on the hotel counter. Lottotech lost 0.8% to MUR 5.16 on 27,800 shares. Air Mauritius was down by 1.4 percent to MUR 11.00 on only 620 shares. CIEL lost 1.1 percent to MUR 7.30. United Docks edged lower by 0.8 percent to MUR 65.50. Alteo reached high of MUR 31.30 before closing unchanged at MUR 31.25. Mauritius Development Investment Trust (MDIT) was the sole gainer on the investment counter, up by 1.0 percent to MUR 4.95.

On the DEM, the index went down by 0.15 percent to reach 205.60 points. Market turnover amounted to MUR 11.5 million mainly geared towards Constance Hotels Services Limite which accounted for 68.1% of total market turnover. The latter saw a cross of 220.0k shares at MUR 35.50. However, the stock went up during the last minute of trading by 2.4% to MUR 38.40. SODIA was the top performer reaching MUR 0.36 (+9.1%). BTEL was the weakest stock on the counter, down by 13.5 percent to MUR 51.50.

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