Mauritius Market Watch | May 14th 2015: Mauritius indices maintained their upward trends

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):- Mauritius indices maintained their upward trends with the Semdex and SEM-10 increasing by 0.44% and 0.34% to reach 1,964.89 points and 373.68 points respectively.  Overall market turnover amounted to MUR 48.9 million, geared towards Mauritius Commercial Bank Group (MCBG) and SBM Holdings which posted a combined contribution of 59% to total market turnover. MCB Group grew by 0.5% to MUR 204.00 on a total volume of 59,300 shares traded. SBM Holdings traded between the price range MUR 0.95 and MUR 0.97 before finally concluding at MUR 0.95 on 17.8m shares exchanged.

Financial company Cim Financial Services Limited (CFS) Mauritius went up by 5.7% to MUR 9.30 (Volume Weighted Average Price: MUR 9.10) on 102,600 shares, making the stock the strongest performer for the day.  The latter reported a 62.5% growth in earnings per share with the global business being the main contributor to results. On the insurance counter, Mauritian Eagle Insurance Company Limited (MEI) shed off 6.1% to MUR100.50 on merely 100 shares traded, whilst Mauritius Union Assurance traded at a flat MUR 80.00 on a single trade of 25,000 shares.  Only mover on the commerce counter was Ireland Blyth Limited which declined by 0.7% to MUR 114.00 on 7,300 shares traded.

On the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM), the index gained 0.24% to 202.27 points on a turnover of MUR 6.0m. ENL Limited (Preference shares) traded mostly at MUR 29.50 during the session whereby 81,900 shares were crossed before closing lower at MUR 29.30 (-0.7%) on 1,000 shares.  ENL Investment traded at a flat MUR 48.00 on 21,000 shares exchanged.  On the other hand, gainer was CIEL Textile which went up by 2.8% to MUR 36.50 on 24,000.

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