Mauritius Market Watch | June 2nd 2015: Mauritius equity market indices maintains positive trend

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):-Mauritius equity market indices maintained upwards trend during today’s session. The Semdex gained 0.17 percent to 1956.99 points and the SEM-10 rose by 0.19 percent to 370.81 points.

With regard to market shakers, overall total market turnover amounted to MUR 50.8 million mainly geared towards SBM Holdings which accounted for 53.4 percent of total market turnover. SBM Holdings traded flat at MUR 0.93 on 29.2 million shares. MCB Group gained 0.6 percent to end at MUR 203.25 on 29,800 shares. CIM Financial Services declined by 0.6 percent to conclude t MUR 9.74. But, Mauritius Union Assurance rose by 0.7 percent to end at MUR 76.50 on 15,100 shares.

At the same time, IBL was the sole gainer on the commerce counter, up by 1.5 percent to settle MUR 115.75. Vivo saw 100 shares exchanged at ex-div price of MUR 129.00. PBL was the top gainer of the session, rising by 2.9 percent to MUR 315.00 on 6,700 shares traded. Mauritius Oil & Refinery was down by 0.9 percent to MUR 27.90 compared to ex-div price of MUR 28.15 on total volume of 1,700 shares. MCFI lost 0.2 percent to MUR 22.95 on only 150 shares exchanged. Whereas, SUN was the only gainer on the hotel counter, up by 0.2 percent to settle at MUR 43.50 with total volume of 4,300 shares traded. New Mauritius Hotel reached low of MUR 61.25 before closing at MUR 61.50 (-0.4 percent) on total exchanges of 21,500 shares.. LUX Island Reports  lost 0.4 percent to MUR 61.50 on 82,000 shares. Alteo gained 0.3 percent to MUR 31.10. MDIT went up by 0.4 percent to end at MUR 5.00 on 56,200 shares.

On the DEM, the index went up by 0.46 percent to reach 204.97 points. Market turnover amounted to MUR 2.2 million mainly geared towards ENL (P) and Ciel Textile which accounted for 77.3 percent of total market turnover. ENL (P) lost 3.4 percent compared to its ex-div price of MUR 29.60 to close at MUR 28.6.

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