Mauritius Market Watch | June 1st 2015: Mauritius equity market Semdex index gained 0.08%

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):-Mauritius equity market Semdex gained 0.08% to 1953.59 points and the SEM-10 increased by 0.15% to 370.10 points. The market capitalization ended the trading session at MUR 217.195 billion.

From the market activity perspective, today total market turnover amounted to MUR 64.2 million mainly geared towards SanlamNew Mauritius Hotel and SBM Holidngs Mauritius which accounted for 76.2% of total market turnover.

In term of price movers, Sanlam lost 4.2 percent to reach MUR 5.50 on a volume of 93,400 shares. While SBM Holding Mauritius reached a low MUR 0.92 before closing unchanged at MUR 0.93. On the hotel counter, New Mauritius Hotels witnessed a decrease of 1.6 percent to end at MUR 61.75 on total volume of 276,000 shares. Still on hotel sector, Sun Resorts and Lux Island Resort Limited closed unchanged at MUR 43.40 and MUR 61.75 respectively. Lottotech gained 0.4 percent to settle at MUR 5.18 on a total volume of 9,300 traded shares. The national carrier Air Mauritius increased by 0.90 percent to reach MUR 11.25. On the investment counter, CIEL Limited closed at MUR 7.10 by gaining 3.50 percent on a total volume of 58,200 shares. While The Mauritius Development Investment Trust Co. Ltd went down by 0.4 percent to conclude at MUR 4.98 on a total volume of 23,300 shares. However, P. O. L. I. C. Y Limited was the main loser among the investment companies losing 1.9 percent with a closing price of MUR 7.40 on a volume of 16,300 shares.

On the DEM, the index went up by 0.02% to reach 204.02 points. Market turnover was relatively low amounting to MUR 0.6m mainly geared towards ENL investment Limited, Hotelest Limited and Constance la Gaieté Limited which accounted for 84.5% of total market turnover. ENL Investment traded flat at MUR  48.00 on a total volume of 5,200 shares. While Société de Développement Industriel et Agricole Limitée (SODIA) lost 8.3 percent to reach MUR 0.33 on a total volume of 10,000 shares. But Quality Beverages Limited Mauritius reached MUR 17.00 by adding 17 percent on a total volume of only 1,000 shares. Also, Medical And Surgical Centre Limited increased by 1.0% MUR 2.12 on a total volume of 5,000 shares.

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