Mauritius Equity Watch | 30 June 2015: Mauritius equity market reverts to positive, add MUR 87 million

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):- Mauritius equity markets reverted to positive after yesterday’s lost. The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) marginally surged by 0.04 percent or 0.79 points to close 1,980.90 points and the SEM10 rose by 0.05 percent or 0.18 points to end at 378.45 points. The market capitalization was recorded at MUR 220.231 billion, by adding MUR 87 million (as against MUR 220.144 recorded at yesterday’s trading session) and overall total volume trade was recorded at 49.880 million with turnover amounted to MUR 96.693 million.

The most active traded securities were SBM Holdings Limited with 48.890 million volume and turnover of MUR 43.950 million and CIEL Limited recorded 262,941 traded securities with turnover of MUR 1.893 million. Equally, ALTEO Limited had 192,581 traded stocks and turnover recorded at MUR 6.064 million and MCB GROUP ended with a volume of 159,134 traded shares with turnover of MUR 34.571 million.

The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (leaders/laggards ratio) calculated at 0.92x with 11 price leaders and 12 price laggards. On the leaders list were B MARE HOLDINGS increased by 3.08 percent to close at MUR 26.80 and Mauritius Union Assurance Limited rose by 2.63 percent to settle at MUR 78.00 and Mauritius Eagle Insurance Limited climbed by 2.25 percent to end at MUR 102.25. Also, SMB Holdings surged by 2.25 percent to close at MUR 0.91 and VIVO ENERGY added 1.59 percent to settle at MUR 128.00.

On the contrary, ALTEO Limited declined by 5.71 percent to trade at MUR 29.70 and BLUELIFE Limited plunged by 2.56 percent to trade at MUR 4.56. Still on laggards, Mauritius Oil & Refinery plummeted by 1.75 percent to close at MUR 28.00 and OMNICANE Limited tumbled by 1.35 percent to close at MUR 73.00.

On the DEM counter, the DEMEX index slightly gained 0.03 percent or 0.07 points to close at 206.81 points and market capitalization of MUR 49.152 billion, by adding MUR 15 million and market turnover of MUR 21.748 million exchanged in 556,841 traded securities SODIA added by 5.35 percent to trade at MUR 0.35 and HOTELEST gained 5.35 percent to trade at MUR 37.40. On the other hand, VITAL, BYCHEMEX, EUDCOS and FIDES went down by 12.28 percent (to close at MUR 50.00), 1.23 percent (to end at MUR 9.00), 0.26 percent (to conclude at MUR 13.90) and 0.16 percent (to settle at MUR 72.00) respectively.

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