Mauritius Equity Watch | 17 July 2015: Market cap rose by MUR 35 million … SEMDEX 0.02% down

Port Louis, Mauritius (Capital Markets in Africa):- The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) tumbled by 0.02 percent or 0.32 points to settle at 1,950.52 points but the SEM10 index ended at 371.32 points by adding 0.12 points or 0.03 percent.

The market capitalization plummeted by MUR 35 million to settle at MUR 216.853 billion (relative to yesterday’s market capitalization of MUR 216.888). The overall total volume trade was recorded at 8.617 million (a rise when compared to 5.917 million recorded yesterday).  The total valued traded was recorded at MUR 38.288 million (a decrease when compared to MUR 19.488 million recorded at previous trading session).

The most active traded securities by volume were SBM Holdings Mauritius had 7.557 million at MUR 6.575 million and Mauritius Development Investment Trust (MDIT) recorded 583,400 traded stocks amounted to MUR 3.092 million. Mauritius Union Assurance traded 100,120 stocks at MUR 3.259 million and CIM Financial Services ended with a total volume of 83,231 at MUR 707,449.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, among 29 traded securities there were 8 upward price movers and 7 downward price movers. B  Mare Holding tops the price gainers’ chart by moving up by 10.93 percent with a closing price of MUR 29.95. CMPL ended at MUR 17.00 after advancing by 4.94 percent and CAUDAN ended at MUR 1.34 after adding 0.75 percent. LUX Island Resort also surged by 0.41 percent to end at MUR 61.50 and LOTTOTECH Limited climbed up by 0.39 percent to settle at MUR 5.18.

Sun Resorts Mauritius emerged as the biggest loser to close at MUR 42.10 after falling by 3.22 percent. Other price losers were POLICY (somersaulted by 1.71 percent to trade at MUR 6.88), NIT Limited (plunged by 1.19 percent to settle at MUR 41.50) and Mauritius Union Assurance Limited (plummeted by 1.03 percent to end at MUR 72.25). In addition, BLUELIFE Limited lost by 0.44 to conclude at MUR 4.48.

The DEMEX index ended in red today, by losing 0.32 percent or 0.66 points to close at 207.11 points. The market capitalization fell by MUR 130 million to close at MUR 49.223 (against MUR 49.353 billion recorded yesterday). The total value traded was MUR 409,242 exchanged in 70,902 traded securities. SODIA added 6.45 percent to trade at MUR 0.33. PHOENIX Investment Limited plummeted by 4.00 percent to close at MUR 240.00 and United Investment plunged by 2.57 percent to close MUR 13.25.

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