Mauritius Equity Markets | 27 Oct 2015 : Mauritius Equity Trading Ends in Red, SEMDEX 0.06% down, SEM10 index 0.27% lower

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius, Capital Markets in Africa — The Stock Exchange of Mauritius equity trading ended Tuesday’s trading in the red. The equity market capitalization closed at MUR 209.042 billion after dropping MUR 132 million (about US$3.6 million) compared to previous market capitalization of MUR 209.172  billion.

The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) fell by 0.06 percent or 1.18 points to close at 1,877.15 and SEM10 index sagged by 0.27 percent or 0.97 points to close at 359.55 points.

In respect of the market activity, the overall total volume trade ended at 7,275,925 (a fall relative to a volume of 1,988,416 recorded on the previous trading session) and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 32.270 million (a decrease relative to MUR 28.771 million recorded at the previous trading session).

The most active traded securities by volume were SMB Holdings Limited recorded 5,659,065 (about 77.78 percent of total volume) at MUR 4.475 million and New Mauritius Hotels Limited registered 702,328 traded stocks amounted to MUR 12.853 million. New Mauritius Hotels Limited (Preference) had 521,300 at MUR 5.281 million and  POLICY Mauritius recorded a total volume of 150,000 shares at MUR 995,060 million. CIEL Limited also recorded 50,227 shares at MUR 337,864.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, among the 25 traded securities there were 6 price gainers and 9 price losers, hence the market sentiment ended in negative. Gamma Civic Limited advanced by 7.57 percent to end at MUR 27.00, LOTTOTECH Limited soared by 3.33 percent to end at MUR 3.10 and CAUDAN Limited gained 2.48 percent to close at MUR 1.24. Rogers & Co Limited closed at MUR 28.50 after gaining 1.06 percent and Sun Limited edged up by 0.55 percent to close at MUR 36.25.

On the contrary, Air Mauritius Limited sagged by 4.25 percent to settle at MUR 11.00, New Mauritius Hotels Limited (Preference) faltered  by 3.81 percent to end at MUR 10.10 and New Mauritius Hotels Limited dipped by 1.61 percent to end at MUR 18.30. SMB Holdings Limited traded at MUR 1.25 after losing 1.25 percent. CIEL Limited plunged by 0.89 percent to conclude at MUR 6.70.

The DEMEX index closed at 200.20 points by dropping 0.18 points or 0.37 percent. The market capitalization closed at MUR 49.225 billion after dropping MUR 89 million (relatively to MUR 49.314 billion recorded at the previous trading session). The total value traded was MUR 4.139 million exchanged in 163,065 traded securities. COVIFRA sagged by 6.00 percent to trade at MUR 6.50 and United Investment declined by 4.78 percent to end at MUR 12.95, but Medical & Surgical Centre Limited added by 4.35 percent to end at MUR 2.30.

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