Mauritius Equity Markets | 23 Sep 2015 : Mauritius equity trading activities quiet, Indices unchanged

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius, Capital Markets in Africa — The Bullish momentum returned to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius equity trading at the end of Wednesday’s trading session. As a result the equity market capitalization closed higher at MUR 213.191 by gaining MUR 2 million (US$56,022) relative to previous market capitalization of MUR 213.189 billion.  

However, the Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) and SEM10 index remained steady to close at previous level of 1,914.40 and 364.83 points respectively.

From the market activity viewpoint, the overall total volume trade ended at 3,878,819 (a rise relative to volume of  1,620,542 recorded on previous trading session) and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 63.110 million (a rise relative to MUR 24.008 million recorded at previous trading session).

The most active traded securities by volume were SMB Holdings recorded 3,130,300 (about 81 percent of total volume) at MUR 2.661 million and MCB Group registered 239,812 traded stocks amounted to MUR 49.880 million. CIEL Limited had 195,004 at MUR 1.307 million and Mauritius Union Assurance Right recorded a total volume of 81,175 shares at MUR 244,823. ENL Land Limited also recorded 57,986 shares at MUR 2.812 million.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, out of 27 traded securities there were 6 price gainers and 7 price losers, hence the market sentiment ends negative. Mauritius Union Assurance Right rose by 2.99 percent to end at MUR 3.10, Gamma Civic ended at MUR 27.50 after adding 1.85 percent, Mauritius Development Investment Trust grew by 1.57 percent to close at MUR 5.18, ENL Land Limited surged by 1.04 percent to trade at MUR 48.50 and Alteo Mauritius Limited soared by 0.60 percent with a closing price of MUR 33.60.

On the other hand, Innodis Limited ended at MUR 47.00 after losing 2.08 percent, Promotion And Development Limited tumbled by 1.04 percent to settle at MUR 95.00 and New Mauritius Hotels sagged by 0.84 percent to close at MUR 17.65. Sun Resorts Limited plunged by 0.65 percent to trade at MUR 38.25 and Rogers & Co Limited lost 0.34 percent to end at MUR 29.40.  

 The DEMEX index ended at 207.72 points after falling by 0.59 points or 0.28 percent. The market capitalization lost MUR 147 million to close at MUR 51.072 billion (relative to MUR 51.219 billion recorded previous trading session). The total value traded was MUR 8.395 million exchanged in 167,961 traded securities. United Investment surged by 1.87 percent to trade at MUR 13.65, CIEL Textile Limited gained 0.91 percent to settle at MUR 39.00 and Constance Hotel surged by 0.41 percent to trade at MUR 36.65. However, Swan Life Limited declined by 6.25 percent to settle at MUR 1,350.00.

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