Mauritius Equity Markets | 23 Nov 2015: Mauritius Equity Trading Ends in Red, SEMDEX 0.20% down …

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius, Capital Markets in Africa — The Stock Exchange of Mauritius equity markets opened the week in the negative zone. The equity market capitalization ended at MUR 201.872 billion. The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) dipped by 0.20 percent or 3.60 points to end at 1,812.74 and SEM10 index dropped 0.04 percent or 0.13 points to end at 347.11 points.

From the market activity viewpoint, the overall total volume trade ended at 5,768 and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 24.457 million.

The most active traded securities by volume were SMB Holdings recorded 4,949,100 (about 85.8 percent of total volume) at MUR 3.613 million and Sun Resorts Limited registered 177,739 traded stocks amounted to MUR 6.061 million. CIM Financial Services Limited exchanged 130,900 shares at a turnover of MUR 4.931 million and New Mauritius Hotel recorded a total volume of 124,667 shares at MUR 2.206 million. TERRA Limited also recorded 85,600 shares at MUR 2.439 million.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, among the 27 traded securities there were 3 price gainers and 10 price losers, hence the market sentiment ended in the negative region. LOTTOTECH Limited grew by 2.60 percent to end at MUR 3.61, MCB Group ended at MUR 206.50 after adding 0.49 percent and Mauritius Oil Refinery Limited gained 0.19 percent to closed at MUR 26.00. On the losing team were CIM Financial Services Limited ended at MUR 7.50 after dropping 3.10 percent and B Mare Holdings Limited plunged by 2.69 percent to end at MUR 25.30. Also, BLUELIFE Limited slid by 2.50 percent to end at MUR 3.90; New Mauritius Hotels Limited (Preference) fell by 1.82 percent to end at MUR 10.80 and FINCORP Investment Limited settled at MUR 17.20 after dropping 1.71 percent.

The DEMEX index closed at 197.38 points after dipping by 0.30 points or 0.15 percent. The market capitalization closed at MUR 48.533 billion. The total value traded was MUR 3.534 million exchanged in 76,115 traded securities. Tropical Paradise Co Limited (Ordinary) rose by 2.08 percent to trade at MUR 5.88, ENL Limited (Preference) added 0.99 percent to settle at MUR 25.50, ENL Investment Limited higher by 0.21 percent to end MUR 47.50. CIEL Textile sagged by 2.56 percent to settle at MUR 38.00 and Bychemex closed at MUR 7.70 by dropping 2.53 percent.

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