Mauritius Equity Markets | 09 Nov 2015 : Equity Market ends in Negative, SEDMEX index 0.07% down …

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius, Capital Markets in Africa — The bear opened the week and the Mauritius official market equity market capitalization ended at MUR 208.736 billion after dropping MUR 200 million (about US$5.2 million) compared to the previous market capitalization of MUR 208.877 billion.

In the same bearish mood, the Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) sagged by 0.07 percent or 1.26 points to close at 1,874,37 and SEM10 index marginally fell by 0.01 points to close at 360.78 points.
In respect of the market activity, the overall total volume trade ended at 469,991 (a fall relatively to a volume of 4,331,913 recorded at the previous trading session) and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 7.157 million (an increase relatively to MUR 16.287 million recorded at the previous trading session).

The most active traded securities by volume were Mauritius Development Investment Trust Limited recorded 237,456 (about 50.5 percent of total volume) at MUR 1.180 million and LOTTOTECH Limited registered 116,030 traded stocks amounted to MUR 361,199. Lux Island Resorts Limited had 28,508 at MUR 1.626 million and ALTEO Limited recorded a total volume of 25,272 shares at MUR 866,772. SMB Holdings also recorded 18,500 shares at MUR 14,680.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, out of  the 22 traded securities there were 3 price ups and 7 price downs, hence the market sentiment ended in the negative region. MCB Group climbed by 0.23 percent to end at MUR 213.50, Mauritius Development Investment Trust Limited  gained 0.20 percent to end at MUR 4.98 and Mauritius Oil Refinery Limited closed at MUR 26.00 after gaining 0.19 percent.

On the contrary, FINCORP Investment Limited dropped 3.28 percent to settle at MUR 17.70 and LOTTOTECH Limited faltered  by 2.81 percent to end at MUR 3.11 and H MALLAC dipped by 2.11 percent to end at MUR 93.00. LUX Island Resorts Limited traded at MUR 57.00 after losing 0.87 percent. Air Mauritius Limited plunged by 0.48 percent to conclude at MUR 10.45.

The DEMEX index closed at 199.56 points by dropping 0.28 points or 0.14 percent. The market capitalization closed at MUR 48.881 billion after gaining MUR 68 million (relatively to MUR 48.949 billion recorded at the previous trading session). The total value traded was MUR 377,747 exchanged in 31,653 traded securities. ENL Investment Limited added 0.11 percent to trade at MUR 46.60. Whereas, Attitude Property Limited lost 4.00 percent to end at MUR 9.60, Bychemex Limited dropped 0.75 percent to close at MUR 7.94 and EUDCOS Limited settled at MUR 14.70 after sagging by 0.68 percent.  

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