Mauritius Equity Market | 26 Nov 2015: Trading Activities low, indices and market capitalization down …

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius, Capital Markets in Africa — Bear appeared at the end of Thursday’s equity trading session. The equity market capitalization closed at MUR 202.267 billion after dropping MUR 267 million (about US$7.4 million) relatively to the previous market capitalization of MUR 202.534. The Mauritius All Share Index (SEMDEX index) dropped 0.13 percent or 2.39 points to close at 1,816.28 and SEM10 index fell by 0.08 percent or 0.22 points to close at 349.11 points.

Looking at the market activity, the overall total volume trade ended at 1,157,423 (relatively to 3,577,982 recorded at the previous trading session) and the total valued traded was recorded at MUR 7.386 million against previously recorded turnover of MUR 34.830 million.

The most active traded securities by volume were SMB Holdings traded 822,000 (about 71.0 percent of total volume) at MUR 615,050 million and LOTTOTECH Limited registered 69,022 traded stocks amounted to MUR 227,000 million. Mauritius Development Investment Trust exchanged 51,802 shares at a turnover of MUR 247,614 million and CAUDAN Limited recorded a total volume of 41,700 shares at MUR 50,925. CIM Financial Services Limited also recorded 39,005 shares at MUR 291,077 million.

From the market sentiment/breath viewpoints, among the 23 traded securities there were 4 price gainers and 6 price losers, hence the market sentiment ended in the negative zone. On the positive district, CAUDAN Limited gained 2.46 percent to close at MUR 1.25, LOTTOTECH Limited trade at MUR 3.28 after gaining 3.28 percent and CIEL Limited soared by 0.30 percent to close at MUR 6.70. ENL Commercial ended at MUR 18.33 by adding 0.27 percent.

In the negative district, BLUELIFE Limited ended at MUR 3.70 after sagging by 3.90 percent and Promotion & Development Limited plunged by 2.93 percent to end at MUR 91.25. INNODIS Limited declined by 1.71 percent to close at MUR 40.30; VIVO Energy dropped 0.47 percent to end at MUR 107.00 and Mauritius Oil Refinery Limited settled at MUR 25.40 after dropping 0.39 percent.

The DEMEX index lost 0.18 percent or 0.36 points to close at 197.25 points and the market capitalization recorded MUR 48.500 billion after sagged by MUR 88 million relatively to the previous market capitalization of MUR 48.588 million. The total value traded was MUR 1.355 million exchanged in 85,129 traded securities. HOTELEST Limited fell by 3.01 percent to sell at MUR 33.85, EUDCOS dropped 1.33 percent to settle at MUR 14.80, FIDES lower by 0.76 percent to end MUR 65.25. Quality Beverage declined by 0.27 percent to close at MUR 7.44

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