Egypt Equity Watch | 27th July 2015: Egyptian equity markets indices all down today under pressure from poor performing Bank and Oil stocks

Cairo, Egypt (Capital Markets in Africa):- Egyptian equity markets Benchmark Index EGX 30, EGX70, EGX100 and the EGX20 capped index were all down today as the markets reacted to pressure from poor performing Bank and Oil stock leaving market capitalisation down at just over EGP 485,430 Million.

The benchmark index EGX30 was down 116.96 points to close the day on 7887.87, a decrease of -1.46 percent from its previous close of 8004.83 points (with the resultant year-to-date performance of -11.64 percent and equal to 3,463 points in US$ terms).

The EGX20 capped index was down 175.03 points, dipping by -2.18 percent to close at 7869.81 down from 8044.84 recorded at the last session (bringing year-to-date return to -21.54 percent).

The EGX70 index was also down 6.4 points to settle at 440.08 points decreasing by -1.43 percent from its previous value of 446.48 registered yesterday (-22.17 percent year-to-date return).

The broader index EGX100 was down 7.05 points to settle at 910.37 points a decrease of 0.77 percent from it’s previous close of 917.42 recorded yesterday (-16.52 percent year to date performance).

From a market activity perspective, today’s market capitalisation settled at EGP 485,430 million recorded for the day’s session exchanged in 176,866,268 million traded securities carried out in 19,130 Trades.

In terms of investor type, Nationals were net sellers of shares and Bonds worth EGP -16,982,502 million (sell value EGP 573,417 million and buy value EGP 556,434 million) while Arab investors registered EGP 25,107,671 million net sales and foreigners recorded a sell value of EGP 42,949,558 million against a buy value of EGP 63,712,262 million leaving an overall net value in excess of EGP 20,762 million.

With regards to the market price gainers and losers, there were 28 price gainers and 106 price decliners with 28 securities remaining unchanged leaving the market breadth weighted towards the negative and price losers outweighing the price gainers by over 3 to 1.

Topping the list on the gainers side were Development & Engineering Consultants up  0.88 points, a rise  of 8.37 percent to close the trading session at EGP 11.40 per share, Reacap Financial Investments up 0.12 points to close at EGP 2.74 growing by 4.58 percent. Making up the final 3 highest gainers in the Top 5 were Delta Sugar up 0.38 points edging forward by 3.74 percent to finish at EGP  10.53, Eastern Tobacco up 7.48 points and rising 3.65 percent to settle at EGP 212.50 and Egypt Aluminium up 0.38 points surging by 2.91 percent to a closing price of EGP 13.43 per share.

On the price losers side were TransOceans Tours who went -11.11 percent down 0.01 points to end at EGP 0.08 per share, Nozha International Hospital which went down 2.23 points plummeting -7.43 percent to trade at EGP 27.77 and United Arab Shipping down 0.12 points tumbling -7.23 percent to end with a closing price of EGP 1.54.

This is followed by El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma) which fell by -7.02 percent down 0.12 points to close trading at EGP 4.77 and Atlas For Land Reclamation and Agricultural Processing which dipped 0.69 points to close at EGP 9.24 cents a share, -6.95 percent down at the end of the day’s session.

On a final note, most of the sector indices also ended the day in the red with 9 sectors in the red zone, 2 in the green zone and 5 unchanged. Leading the way in the green zone were Chemicals Sector Index which finished the day strongly with a 0.39 percent rise to close the week on 665.2 points and Personal and Household Products with a 0.39 percent rise taking the value to 856.04 points.

In the red zone were Financial Services Excluding Banks falling -2.34 percent to close on 434.82 points  and Telecommunications with a -2.05 percent fall to close at 339.32. Construction and Materials sector index was down -2.68 percent to close at 1489.39.

Also in the red were Real Estate moving downwards by -3.58 percent to close on 1275.31 points, and Health Care and Pharmaceuticals edging up -0.05 percent to close on 2770.84 points.


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