Egypt Equity Watch | 13 Aug 2015: Egyptian Echange ends on negative note, equities lose US$90 million in market cap ..

Cairo, Egypt (Capital Markets in Africa):- On Thursday, Egyptian equity markets ended in red zone and the market capitalization lost EGP 700 million (US$89.6 million) to end at EGP 484.9 billion; relative to EGP 485.6 billion recorded at previous day trading session.

The benchmark index EGX30 dropped 0.40 percent or 32 points to end the day below the 7,879 points. The equal-weighted indexes EGX50 also slide 0.7 percent or 9.84 points to 1,391 points.

EGX70, which measures small and mid-cap index, plunged by 0.452 percent or 2.00 points to settle at 441.22 points (-21.97 percent year-to-date return).

The broader index EGX100 slumped by 0.49 percent or 4.52 points to 921.35 points (-15.51 percent year to date performance) and the EGX20 capped index went down by 0.89 percent or 68.98 points to close at 7,817.75 points (-22.06 percent year-to-date return).

From market activity viewpoint, today turnover was recorded at EGP 482.701 million exchanged in 150.486 million traded securities. In term of investor type, Arab and foreign investors stepped in as net buyers with EGP 13 million and EGP 41 million respectively while local investors came out as net buyers with EGP 54.3 million.

With regard to price movers and shakers, market price gainers and losers, there were 38 price gainers and 86 price losers which bring the market breath ended at negative. The price movers were Golden Pyramids Plaza advanced by 9.46 percent to close the trading sessions at US$1.62 and Nozha International Hospital grew by 7.93 percent with closing price of EGP 30.23. Equally, Egyptian Media Production City edged up by 6.37 percent to conclude at EGP 2.84, Asek Company for Mining (Ascom) gained 4.75 percent to settle at EGP 6.83 and Rubex Plastics Egypt ended at EGP 9.39 after adding 3.19 percent.

On the contrary, Modern Shorouk Printing & Packaging fell by 9.92 percent to end at EGP 10.53, General Company For Land Reclamation plummeted by 5.07 percent to trade at EGP 22.64 and Rights Issue Of Belton Financial Holding Company tumbled by 4.63 percent with closing price of EGP 1.03. Equally, Suez Canal Bank and Sharkia National Food plunged by 4.07 percent and 3.49 percent to trade at EGP 5.18 and EGP 3.87 respectively.

On the final note, most of the sector indices ended in red region today. On the green zone were Healthcare & Pharmaceutical (gained by 0.14 percent) and Chemical (added by 0.29 percent). Banks sector index surged by 0.13 percent or 4.60 points to close at 3,574.13 points, Basic resources sector index (advanced by 0.36 percent) and Food & Beverages (added 0.14 percent). On the red region, Construction & Materials plunged 0.38 percent and Industrial Goods & Services dropped by 0.43 percent. Equally, Travel & Leisure sector index somersaulted by 0.14 percent and Financial Services excluding Banks sagged by 1.14 percent. Telecommunications decreased by 1.45 percent and Real Estate plunged by 0.83 percent.

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