Egypt Equity Markets | 3 Sep 2015 : All is green on Egyptian Equity Markets, investors US$720 million richer

Cairo, Egypt Capital Markets in Africa — On the last trading of the week, the equity market capitalization increased by EGP 5.6  billion (nearly US$ 720 million) to end at EGP 450.376 billion from EGP 444.764 billion recorded at previous day trading session.

The benchmark index EGX30 accelerated by 145.49 points or 2.03 percent to end 7,295.96 points. The equal-weighted indexes EGX50 also jumped by 1.75 percent or 21.53 points to settle at 1,248.77 points.

Likewise, EGX70 index, which measures small and mid-cap index, advanced by 1.79 percent or 6.96 points to settle at 394.85 points.

The broader index EGX100 rose by 1.39 percent or 11.61 points to 846.30 points and the EGX20 capped index added 1.97 percent or 137.90 points to close at 7,126.51 points.

From market activity viewpoint, today turnover was recorded at EGP 441.822 million exchanged in 163.795 million traded securities in 19,313 deals. The Arab investors came as net buyers with EGP 22.045 million, while locals and foreigners stepped in as net sellers with EGP 17.257 million and EGP 4.788 million respectively.

Among the 172 traded stocks today, there were 128 price gainers and 23 price losers which bring the market breath ended positive. The gainers were TransOceans Tours surged by 14.29 percent to close the trading sessions at US$ 0.08 and Natural Gas & Mining Project rose by 9.96 percent with closing price of EGP 38.53. Maridive & Oil Services climbed by 9,38 percent to conclude at US$ 0.35. Delta for Printing & Packaging also jumped by 9.38 percent to settle at EGP 10.96 and General Company for Land advanced by 9.29 percent to close at EGP 19.99.

Conversely, Al Baraka Bank of Egypt sagged by 2.27 percent to end at EGP 10.75,  Arabian Cement Company  plummeted by 2.16 percent to trade at EGP 13.60 and Egyptian Starch & Glucose tumbled by 1.66 percent with closing price of EGP 6.52. Likewise, Arab Molkata Investment Co and Egyptian Gulf Bank slumped by 1.38 percent to end at EGP 17.11 and slumped by 0.72 percent to trade at EGP 1.38 respectively.

On the final note, all the sectors ended in positive except Basic resources which ended at 425.78 points after sagging by 0.36 percent or 1.55 points but Healthcare & Pharmaceutical rose by 0.01 points and Chemical added 0.33 percent. Banks sector index advanced by 2.65 percent or86.01 points to close at 3,337.06 points,  Travel & Leisure sector index added 2.36 percent and Food & Beverages leaped by 2.02 percent. Construction & Materials gained 0.25 percent and Personal & Household sector index surged by 0.29 percent. Industrial Goods & Services rose by 4.78 percent and Real Estate increased 1.68 percent. Telecommunications soared by 1.43 percent and Financial Services excluding Banks jumped by 1.41 percent.

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