Egypt Equity Markets | 04 Oct 2015 : Egyptian Equity losses deepen, EGX30 falls 47.16 bps, market cap loses EGP 3.1 mill….

Cairo, Egypt, Capital Markets in Africa — Egyptian Exchange equity trading showed a slow start to the week as losses deepened today with most of the indices including the benchmark index falling further down and the market enduring a quiet mood in foreign activity. The equity market capitalization ended at EGP 444,070 billion recorded at the end of the days trading session down by EGP 3,158 million.

The benchmark index EGX30 lost by 47.16 points or 0.65 percent to end 7263.55 points from the 7310.71 points recorded previously. Likewise, the equal-weighted index EGX50 lost by 11.15 points or 0.92  percent to close on 1199.02 points.

The EGX70 index, which measures small and mid-cap index, decreased by 0.58 percent or 2.26 points to settle at 385.39  points similarly the broader index EGX100 declined by 0.65 percent or 5.49 points to close on 833.7 points while the EGX20 capped index lost by 0.93 percent or 64.6 points to close at 6868.33 points.

From market activity viewpoint, today turnover was recorded at EGP 183.4 million exchanged in 90.3 million traded securities in 10,088 deals. Egyptian and foreign investors stepped in as net sellers with EGP 6.2 million and EGP 0.6 million respectively while Arabs came out as net buyers with EGP 5.6 million.

With regards to the 147 stocks traded today, there were 23 price gainers and 86 price losers and 38 remaining unchanged bringing the market breadth to end negative. The gainers were Cairo Oils & Soap which gained by 6.69 percent to close the trading sessions at EGP 10.05 and Naheem Holding leapt by 3.13 percent to end at EGP 0.33, El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo) rose by 2.86 percent with closing price of EGP 0.72. Egyptian for Developing Building Materials jumped by 2.36 percent to conclude at EGP 11.27. East Delta Flour Mills leapt by 1.85 percent to end at EGP 41.95.

On the other hand, Rights Issue Of Cairo Oils & Soap Company-1 lost by 37.88 percent to end at EGP 0.82, Development & Engineering Consultants plunged by 6.68 percent to trade at EGP 9.64 and National Cement slumped by 6.65 percent with closing price of EGP 8. Likewise, El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing slumped by 4.69 percent to end at EGP 6.09 and Saudi Egyptian Investment & Finance went down by 4.61 percent to trade at EGP 59.40.

In terms of the sectors, Banks sector index declined by 0.27 percent to close at 3,500.76 points. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical receded by 0.57 percent to close at 2,594.23 points, Chemicals decreased by 0.42 percent to close at 668.61 points. Basic Resources sector index fell by 0.83 percent to close at 391.02 points, Travel & Leisure sector index lost by 0.82 percent to close on 180.71 points and Food & Beverages fell by 0.76 percent to settle at 1,217.05 points. Construction & Materials was down by 0.74 percent to close on 1,394.9 points and Industrial Goods & Services decreased by 0.78 percent to 1009.02 points.

Real Estate retreated by 1.45 percent to close on 1,106.6 points. Telecommunications went down by 0.60 percent to close 284.95 points and Financial Services excluding Banks lost by 1.01 percent to close on 359.9 points.

Personal & Household sector index on the other hand increased by 0.05 percent to close on 834.83 points.

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