Cote D’Ivoire Equity Markets | 07 Oct 2015: BRVM Composite index 0.23% down, BRVM 10 index 0.28% lower, Investors shed US$20 Million

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, Capital Markets in Africa — BRVM (The Regional Stock Exchange of eight West Africa) closed its trading session this Wednesday lower than the previous day. BRVM 10 index decreased from 304.86 to 304 points, a drop of 0.28 percent. BRVM Composite index lost 0.23 percent at 302.63 points against 303.33 points previously.

The equity market capitalization sagged by XOF 11.37 billion (about US$20 million) to close at XOF 7,468 billion relative to previous trading sessions’ market capitalization of XOF 7,456 billion.

The market activity measured by total volume was recorded at 37,725 traded stocks relative to 262,649 recorded at previous trading sessions. The total traded value was at XOF 1,948.188 million (against XOF 635.087 million recorded at previous trading session) exchanged in 30 traded securities via 312 deals. Today’s top stock by volume was SONATEL SENEGAL with 14,665 traded securities (accounted for about 38.87 percent of the total volume). SGB COTE D’IVOIRE recorded the highest total traded value of XOF 911.217 million contributing nearly 46.77 percent of total traded value. The Liquidity ratio (measured by Volume traded/ Ask orders volume) ended at 2.78 percent and Price Earnings Ratio was recorded at 22.39.

From the market movers’ angle, out of the 30 traded securities today, 7 stocks experienced price gains, 9 witnessed price drops and 14 stocks price remained unchanged relative to previous closing price. BERNABE COTE D’IVOIRE emerged as the top price advancers by gaining 6.67 percent to end at XOF 120,000. UNIWAX COTE D’IVOIRE soared by 2.97 percent at XOF 30,890 and CROWN SIEM COTE D’IVOIRE ended at XOF 26,750 after adding 2.88 percent. SAPH COTE D’IVOIRE share price gained 1.71 percent to close at XOF 11,900 and BICI COTE D’IVOIRE with a closing price of XOF 101,000 after rising by 0.99 percent.

On the contrary, SGB COTE D’IVOIRE crashed by 3.82 percent to settle at XOF 122,000 as the biggest loser and PALM COTE D’IVOIRE sagged by 3.23 percent to trade at XOF 15,000. UNILEVER COTE D’IVOIRE plunged by 1.96 percent to close at XOF 25,000 and TOTAL SENEGAL went down by 1.85 percent to trade at XOF 26,500. BANK OF AFRICA BENIN settled at XOF 125,000 after losing 1.57 percent.

From the sector indices viewpoints, the industry sector index added 0.02 percent at 163.97 points and public utilities sector index stayed constant at 838.58 points. However, financial services sector index slumped by 0.75 percent to end at 109.99 points and distribution sector index jumped 0.06 percent to end at 558.50 points. The agriculture sector index declined by 1.16 percent to close at 198.76 points and transportation sector index plummeted by 0.002 percent to settle at 946.86 points and miscellaneous sector index remained flat at 650.31 points.

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