Catalyst acquires strategic interest in Kensta Group

NAIROBI (Capital Markets in Africa) – Catalyst Principal Partners LLC (Catalyst) has announced its acquisition of a significant minority interest in Kensta Group (Kensta). 

Kensta Group is a 52-year-old third generation family business, with headquarters in Kenya and operations in five East African countries. Since inception, Kensta, through its various investments has played a pivotal role in the east African printing and packaging Industry and has been instrumental in changing the face of office automation and IT managed services. Kensta Group manages a diverse set of companies within East Africa namely Transpaper (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda), Express Automation (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda), Vivid Printing Equipment, Fusion Inks, Zenith Rubber Rollers and Phiramid (Zambia).

 “The primary goal of this partnership between Catalyst and Kensta is to enhance and grow Kensta’s well-established business model and existing presence in East and Central Africa through vertical and geographical expansion. We have confidence in the committed and skilled management team that adopts its business to new trends to deliver market needs and taps into regional prospects while providing opportunities to potential entrepreneurs.” Catalyst Managing Director Rajal Upadhyaya commented on the deal. 

Catalyst’s equity funding and expertise in value creation provides Kensta with a unique opportunity to restructure and stimulate growth through existing and new distribution channels, development and innovation. Together, Catalyst and Kensta aim to focus on strategic investments in attractive sectors and target critical geographic and value-chain development, aimed at broadening and augmenting Kensta’s business for the benefit of its customers, employees and investors.

“This partnership provides significant value to Kensta, our dedicated team of professionals and our customers. Catalyst’s investment in Kensta is an affirmation of our potential and growth trajectory as we enhance our business, regional presence and product portfolio. Our aim is to continuously innovate and confidently undertake business expansion to provide powerful, cutting edge and agile solutions that will benefit our customers, our employees and our industry, whilst creating positive economic impact and long term value for our stakeholders and the communities in which we work.” said Priyesh Shah, CEO of Kensta.

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