Botswana Equity Watch | 6th July 2015: Botswana equity market opens on a flat note, DCI down 0.60 points, market cap remains at BWP 421 Mill…

Gaborone, Botswana (Capital Markets in Africa):-  Shares of Domestic companies on the main board remained relatively flat today as the main indices recorded minimal or no change. The market capitalisation saw very little change as well although price movements were generally in the positive.

The Botswana Domestic Composite Index (DCI) was down 0.60 points to close at BWP 10,692.96 losing -0.01 percent from its last close of BWP 10,697.36

The Foreign Composite Index (FCI)  remained flat recording no change to close at 1,571.85 points again settling on the same points as the previous days session.

The Local Asset Sector Index (LASI) recorded a slight change closing 797.36 up 0.01 percent from its previous close of 797.35 signifying a rise of 0.01 points. (LASI is made up of the domestic companies and all foreign companies awarded the local asset status by the Ministry of Finance and development planning.)

From a market activity perspective, the daily volume settled at 78,942 shares traded and the turnover settled at 166,961.28 for the 25.4 million Securities issued. Likewise, the equity market capitalization saw minimal improvement to settle at BWP 421,142.25 million at the end of the day’s session.

Looking at the price movers’, 2 Domestic companies recorded price increases all towards the green zone. BARCLAYS gained BWP 2 to close the day at BWP 429, BIHL gained BWP 2 to settle at BWP 1392. Of the Foreign companies NEWGOLD bounced back from the losers side as it saw green with a rise of 110 points to take its share price to BWP 11200.

In terms of Turnover ENGEN settled on BWP 1246.40 from 159,722,220 shares issued at BWP 820 however NAP and LETSHEGO recorded turnovers of BWP 95,600 and BWP 38,400 respectively.

BETTABETA however closed in the red down by -5 points to settle at BWP 4075.

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