Botswana Equity Markets | 23 Sept 2015: Botswana equity markets see gains, market cap adds US$34.05 mill….

Botswana, Capital Markets in Africa — The Botswana Stock Exchange Equity Markets indices Domestic Composite Index (DCI), Domestic Financial Sector Index (DFSI) and Local Asset Sector Index (LASI) all recorded gains as the session saw the Foreign Composite Index (FCI) move downward. Market capitalisation increased and price gains were made in 2 traded securities in the days trading.

The Botswana Domestic Composite Index (DCI) gained by 8.00 points to close 10,801.56 points a 0.07 percent rise from its previous close of 10,789.52 points recorded in the previous session.

Likewise, the Local Asset Sector Index (LASI) was up after the days trading closing at 794.84 up 0.07 points from its previous close of 794.77 points, a change of 0.01 percent (LASI is made up of the domestic companies and all foreign companies awarded the local asset status by the Ministry of Finance and development planning).

The Foreign Composite Index (FCI) decreased by 0.01 points to close 1,562.92 points after the days trading closing 0.00 percent down from its previous close of 1562.93 points.

The Domestic financial Sector index (DFSI) which is composed of all domestic financial sector companies, increased by 0.06 percent to 1237.45 points adding 1.07 points to its previous close of 1236.38 points after the days trading.

The market capitalisation settled at BWP 419,877.38 million increasing by BWP 34.05 million at the end of the day’s session with the Domestic Equity BWP accounting for BWP 51,202.83 million and the Foreign Equity Main Board accounting for BWP 368,674.55 million.

From a market activity perspective, the total daily volume settled at 1,180,653 shares traded which were exchanged from the 24,228 million Securities issued bringing the total turnover of those shares traded on the domestic and foreign main boards to BWP 4,136,226.44 million.

Leading the market activity in terms of the traded volumes were Letshego recording volumes of 846,375, Turnstar recording volume figures of 134,264 followed by FNBB with 93,919.

In terms of price gainers and price losers there were two price gainers and no price losers today leaving market breadth positive, BIHL was up 15 point to close at BWP 1470 per share, RDCP was up 1 points to close at BWP 239 per share.

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