African Stock Markets Today: South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria Equities Higher … Uganda, Tunisia in Red ….

Today’s Leaders
South African JSE All Share Index
 surged by 1.43 percent to settle at 50,088.86 points and Namibia Overall Share Index rose by 1.34 percent to close at 960.69. Also Nigerian All Shares Index ended at 31217.77 after adding 1.27 percent, Tanzania All Share Index climbed by 0.69 percent at 2531.08 and Ghana Composite Index closed at 2,005.82 points by adding 0.42 percent. Other gainers were BRVM Composite Index (+0.35 percent at 297.73 points), Swaziland All Shares index (+0.30 percent at 308.34 points), Kenya NSE All Share Index (0.04 percent at 146.92 points), Malawian All Share Index (+0.03 percent at 15824.68 points), Egyptian EGX 30 Index (+0.02 percent at 7,332.88 points) and Zimbabwe Industrial Index (+0.20 percent at 131.93 levels).

Whereas, Zambian All Share Index, Botswana Composite Index and Rwandan All Share Index remained unchanged at 5,800.24 points, 10624.32 points and 135.46 points respectively.

 Today’s Slackers
Ugandan All Shares Index
top the laggards today after edging down by 1.64 percent to end at 1,942.02. Followed by Tunisia All Shares Index with 0.33 percent lower at 5,274.51 points and Moroccan All Share index declined by0.21 percent at 9,114.29 levels and Mauritius All Shares Index fell by 0.06 percent to settle at 1,910.46 points.

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