African Market Watch: Wed, 25th March 2015

BRVM [he Regional Stock Exchange, Cote d’Ivoire]
BRVM (The Regional Stock Exchange of eight West Africa) closed its trading session today, higher than the previous day. BRVM 10 index rose from 268.74 to 270.42pts, a gain of 0.63%. BRVM Composite index gained 0.53% to 265.32 against 263.91pts previously. The equity market capitalization was recorded at XOF 6,546.91 billion. Likewise, the traded value was recorded at XOF 806.047 million and total volumes recorded at 1,613,293 shares in 239 transactions. The top security by volume is Ecobank Transnational Incorporated Togo with 1 585,398 traded shares and by value is Bank for Africa Niger with a XOF 154.011 million total traded value. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) with nine advancer and ten decliners. On the one hand, top price gainer was SETAO Cote d’Ivorie rose by 7.50% to close at XOF 35,475 and top price loser was Bank of Africa Niger shed off 2.21% to close at XOF 79,500.

The Botswana Stock Exchange’s (BSE) domestic index went down by 2.53pts (0.03%) to close at 9,681.84pts (with year-to-date performance 1.90%) and foreign index remained the same as last previous trading day to close at 1571.11pts (year-to-date of performance -0.41%). The market capitalisation recorded at BWP 377,981 million, the total volume and turnovers were recorded at 2,593,611 shares and BWP 22.888 million respectively. The most actively traded share was First National Bank Botswana accounting for 77.4% of the total trades. The market sentiment was neutral, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) with one advancer and one decliner. On the gainers front, G4S Botswana was the only gainer as it edged up by BWP 0.01 to trade at BWP 3.37. On the losers end, Primetime slid by BWP 0.01 to close the session at BWP 2.70. On the ETFs, NewGold plummeted by BWP 1.60 to trade at BWP 111.30 per unit while NewPlat which tracks the price of platinum gave up BWP 0.60 trading at BWP 111.70 per unit.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX) indices retreated collectively on Wednesday as the market capitalisation lost nearly EGP 9.91 million on strong selling spree by local investors. The market capitalization was recorded at EGP 503.659 billion. The benchmark index EGX30 fell by 169pts (1.8%) to 9,198.46pts to hit its lowest level in two-and-a-half months. Following suit, the small and mid-cap index EGX70 slid 3.24% to 508.91pts and the broader EGX100 went down by 2.5% to 1,042.60pts. Today’s turnover was recorded at EGP 732.5 million, while traded volume was recorded at 145.9 million shares sealed in 23,000 transactions. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.1x with 16 advancers and 145 decliners. Trans Oceans Tours topped the gainers, surging 11.1% to close at US$ 0.10 while Cairo Educational Services led the losers, falling 9.81% to close at EGP 9.75. The Local traders were net sellers by EGP 75.4 million, while foreign and Arab traders ended as net buyers by EGP 66.5 million and EGP 8.9 million, respectively. Meanwhile, retail traders were net sellers, while institutions were net buyers.

Ghana Stock exchange sustained it recovery, with the benchmark Composite index climbed by 10.91pts (0.50%) to 2,206.38pts; this brings its year-to-date performance to -2.42%. However, the financial index shed off 14.21pts to 2,203.23pts (-1.80% year-to-date performance). The market capitalization was recorded at GHS 63.718 billion. A market activity measured by volume was recorded at 46,643,653 in fifteen and market value of GHS 4,851,492. Aluworks Ghana, SIC Insurance, Fan Milk, Ecobank Transnational Togo and Societe Generale Ghana were top-five most traded stocks by volume accounted for 99.8% and 87.9% of total traded volumes and total trade value respectively. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 7x with 7 advancers and 1 decliner. On the one hand, topping the price gainers were Ecobank Transnational Togo and Enterprise Group climbed by 4.00% and 2.56% to close at GHS 0.26 and GHS 1.60 respectively. While SIC Insurance shed off GHS 0.01 to close at GHS 0.21.

The NSE 20 Index advanced by 20.50pts (20.50%) to close at 5,275.10pts today. Likewise, Nairobi All Share Index gained 0.48pts (0.28%) to close at 172.57pts with total market capitalization at KES 2,416.09 trillion. The number of shares traded today was 25.65mn with a turnover of KES 651.68mn, indicating a decline of 15.42 percent compared to yesterday’s turnover. The top mover was Britam with a turnover of KES 90.21mn, representing 13.84 percent of the day’s total market turnover. In addition, foreign buys stood at 37.99% of total turnover, while foreign sales stood at 26.41 percent of total turnover. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) estimated at 0.8x with 21 advancers and 25 decliners. Eveready was the top gainer of the day, going up by 8.11% to close at KES 4.00. However, Car & General declined the most losing 9.90% to close the day at KES 45.50.

Both Malawi All Share Index and Domestic Index remained unchanged today to close at 14,920.29pts and 11,747.44pts respectively. Similarly, the foreign Index remained unchanged to close at 1762.13pts. Total market capitalization was recorded at MWK 7,509.94 billion; a total volume was recorded at 2,085,500 shares in four transactions and turnover of MWK 11.624 million. The three traded stocks were MPICO Zambia, National Bank of Malawi, National Investment Trust Limited Zambia and OML. All price remained unchanged.

Both indices end in a positive territory today, the Semdex went up by 0.24% to reach 1,979.39pts and the Sem-10 advanced by 0.31% to 376.85pts. The market capitalization recorded at MUR 220.063 billion and overall total volume trade recorded at 9.884 million and turnover on the market amounted to MUR 94.12 million, mainly geared towards MCBG and CIEL which together accounted for 75.6% of total market turnover. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) calculated at 2.25x with 9 advancers and 4 decliners. Topping the price gainers were Bluelife Mauritius gained 5.11% to close at MUR 4.84, Lux Island advanced by 3.51% to settle at MUR 59.00 and United Basalt Products Mauritius gained 2.38% to trade at MUR 86.00. On the other hand, Automatic Systems Limited Mauritius, Lottotech Mauritius and Bramer Banking fell by 19.80%, 7.25% and 0.47% to close at MUR 53.00, MUR 7.42 and MUR 4.20 respectively.

Morocco’s benchmark stock index (MASI Index) lost 0.16% to close at 10.393.74pts (8.04% year-to-date performance) with total market capitalization at MAD 523.480 billion and market activities as measured by value closed at MAD 111.425 million. Likewise, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) closed at 8,537.43pts (fell by 0.16% compared to previous trading day). In term of sector performance, top gainers were Forest & Paper, Mining, and Leisure & Hotels sectors advanced by 9.97%, 2.63% and 0.87% respectively. On the loser side Chemicals, Materials, Software & Computer Services sectors fell by 2.04%, 1.49% and 0.98% respectively. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 1.1x with 19 advancers and 17 decliners. Med Paper Morocco tops price gainers at 9.97% to close at MAD 20.18 while M2M Group Morocco tops the price losers by 6.72% to close at MAD 231.25. Furthermore, FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index lost 0.23% to close at 9,261.13pts (4.99% year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index dropped 0.24% to close at 8,799.63pts (9.16% year-to-date performance).

The Nigerian Bourse continued on its gaining streak as the All Share Index (ASI) rose 0.3% to close at 29,584.00. Market Capitalization gained N26.2bn to close at N9.9tn. Market activity measured by Market volume (211.4m) and value (N2.8bn) however declined 65.3% and 49.2% respectively. The Banking sector closed in the green, rising 0.2% on the back of price appreciation in United for Africa Nigeria (+7.3%), First City Merchant Bank Nigeria (+6.9%) after posting an impressive full year earnings result in the previous day and STANBIC (+2.8%). The Insurance sector followed by 0.1% on the back of investor hunting in NEM Insurance (+3.3%). Topping the declining sectors was the Oil & Gas sector (-1.9%) due to price depreciation in SEPLAT (-4.7%), OANDO (-2.1%) and FORTE OIL (-0.2%). The Industrial and Consumer Goods sectors nonetheless closed flat. Market Breadth (Advancer/Decliner ratio) closed positive at 1.4x with 23 stocks advancers against 17 decliners. United Bank for Africa (+7.3%), First City Merchant Bank Nigeria (+6.9%) and Honey Flour (+4.9%) topped the winners’ league while Cement Company of Northern Nigeria Plc (-8.6%), May & Baker Nigeria (-4.7%) and SEPLAT (-4.7%) chaired the losers.

The Rwandan Stock Exchange All Share Index (RSE ALSI) and RSE RSI went up by 0.02% and 0.12% to close at 137.33pts and 234.63pts respectively.

South Africa:
The Johannesburg All Share ending 1.03% lower to close at 52,313.02pts. Similarly, the benchmark top-40 index went down by 1.18% to close at 46,182.11pts and JSE Industrial top-25 index gained 1.20% to close at 65,172.54pts. Likewise, the financial index declined by 0.72% to close at 45,150.98pts. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) recorded at 0.45x with 115 advancers and 255 decliners. On the one hand, amongst the top ten gainers was Conduit Capital whose shares rose 12.63% to ZAR 2.14 after investors exchanged 39,711,639 shares in 56 deals. Wescoal Holdings rose by 8.89% to close at ZAR 1.96 per share with 97 deals transferring 785,215 shares. Lodestone REIT ended the day up 6.02% at ZAR 6.69 per share with 302,184 shares traded through 50 deals. However, Aveng slipped 7% to close at ZAR 11.83 per share with 2,246,700 shares sold through 2,347 deals. Likewise, Pallinghurst Resources lost 6.67% to end the day at R3.50 with 179,207 shares being traded through 40 deals.

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSEI) went up by 8.89pts (0.33%) to close at 2,699.28pts and market capitalisation recorded at TZS 23,640.08 billion. Likewise, the DSE TSI advanced by 63.65pts (1.33%) to close at 4,843.17pts. Today, DSE recorded a total turnover of TZS 217.84 million from 196,791 shares traded in 92 deals compared to the previous session which recorded a turnover of TZS 73.65 million from 37,851 shares traded in 52 deals. The market sentiment was positive today; with seven advancers and three decliners. Tanga Cement Company was the highest gainer of the day rose by 6.13 percent to close at TZS 7,930.00. Africa Barrick Gold declined by 10.21 percent to close the day at TZS 7,120 to be the highest loser of the day.

The Tunis Stock Exchange benchmark index (TUNINDEX) climbed by 15.48pts (0.29%) to close at 5,315.02pts (year-to-date performance of 4.39%) with the market capitalization at TND 17.859 billion. Today’s turnover amounted to TND 3.146 million, while traded volume 412,297 shares sealed in 272 transactions and 55 listed companies. The market sentiment was neutral today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) calculated at 1x with 21 advancers and 21 decliners. On the one hand, topping the price gainers were Arab Tunisia Lease (gained 2.94% to close at TND 2.80), Delice Holding Tunisia (advanced by 2.87% to trade at TND 16.87) and Manufacture de Panneaux Mauritius (rose by 2.82% to settle at TND 7.28). On the other hand, topping the price losers were Societe des Industries Pharmaceutiques, Maghreb International Publicite and Societe Nouvelle Maison Tunisia fell by 3.00%, 2.92% and 2.58% to close at TND 7.76, TND 1.66 and TND 18.5 respectively.

The Uganda Securities Exchange All Share Index (USE ALSI) went up by 0.78% to close at 2,067.02pts with market capitalization recorded at UGX 28,254.85 milion. However, the Ugandan Stock Exchange Local Share Index (USE LSI) remained unchanged to close the day at 325.54pts. A total of 33,836 shares were traded today and total turnover came to a close of UGX 8.22 million in five shares. The market sentiment was negative today, with zero advancer and one decliner. New Vision Printing and Publishing Company Limited is the only loser and fell by 1.64% to close at UGX 600.00.

The Lusaka Stock Exchange All Share Index climbed by 0.07% to close at 6,104.68pts in comparison to the previous close of 6,100.63pts. The market capitalization was recorded at ZMK 65.415 billion, including Shoprite Holdings Plc, and ZMK 31.176 billion excluding Shoprite Holdings Plc. Copperbelt Energy Corporation, LAFARGE Zambia, Zambeef Products Plc, Zambian Breweries Plc and Standard Chartered Zambia were the five shares traded today with total turnover of ZMK 815,235 in seventeen transactions. Price mover was recorded in Standard Chartered Zambia with an increase of ZMK 0.01 to close at ZMK 1.96.


The Industrial index advanced by 0.40pts (0.25%) to close at 162.11pts, with total market capitalization of US$4.216 billion. Today’s total volume and total turnover were recorded at 412,076 shares (in 24 trades) and US$234,205 respectively. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth, with 3 advancers and zero decliner. The three gainers were Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe added 0.10 cents to settle at 4.10 cents, Innscor Africa Limited Zimbabwe moved up 0.50 cents to trade at 57 cents and Old Mutual Zimbabwe added 2 cents to close at 244 cents. Furthermore, the mining index slipped remained unchanged to close at 44.01pts.


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