African Market Watch: Thurs, 19th March 2015

BRVM [he Regional Stock Exchange, Cote d’Ivoire]
BRVM (The Regional Stock Exchange of eight West Africa) closed its trading session today, slightly lower than the previous day. BRVM 10 index decreased from 268.47 to 268.38 points, a drop of 0.03%. BRVM Composite index lost 0.37% to 263.34 against 264.32 points previously. The equity market capitalization was recorded at XOF 6,498.11 billion, Likewise, the traded value was recorded at XOF 734.348 million and total volumes recorded at 234,358 shares in 259 transactions. The top security by volume is Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Togo with 312,623 traded shares and valued at XOF 9.781 million and by value was SONATEL, Senegal with a XOF 210. 612 million total traded value. On the one hand, top price gainer was Vivo Energy Cote d’Ivoire gained 7.5% to close at XOF 63,425 and top price loser was SAPH Cote d’Ivoire lost 7.49% to close at XOF 16,045. 

The Botswana Stock Exchange’s (BSE) domestic index remained unchanged to close at 9655.77pts (with year-to-year performance 1.62%) and foreign index remained the same as last previous trading day to close at 1571.11pts (year-to-date of -0.41%). The market capitalisation recorded at BWP 415,5181.06 million, the total volume and turnover were recorded at 4.137 million shares and BWP 16.250 million respectively. The market sentiment was negative, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) with zero advancers and one decliner. Standard Chartered Bank lost BWP 0.02 to close at BWP 12.53. All other share prices remained unchanged compare to previous trading day.

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) indices ended on a mixed note, and market capitalisation lost about EGP 2.8 billion to close at EGP 520.356 billion. However, the benchmark index EGX30 gained 0.36% or 32 points to 9,518.28pts. Following suit, EGX20 capped and the broader index EGX100 went up 0.41% to 10,280.46pts and 0.03% to close at 1,098.93pts. However, and the small and mid-cap index EGX70 shed off 0.22% to 540.79pts (-4.358% year-to-date performance). Today’s turnover amounted to EGP 673.9 million, generated from exchanging 133.4 million shares. The market’s heaviest weight CIB was the most active with a turnover of more than EGP 147 million, while OTMT was the most active with a traded volume of more than 40.5 million shares. The market sentiment was neutral today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 1x with 71 advancers and 71 decliners. On the one hand, topping the gainer price lists were Sabaa Pharmaceutical was the top gainer (+9.89% to close at EGX 6.00), followed by Orascom Construction (5.96% to close at EGX 129.20) and Rakta Paper Manufacturing (4.64% to close at EGP 5.41). On the negative front, Shorouk Printing was the biggest loser (lost 7.61% to close at EGP 11.53), followed by Tourism Urbanization (fell by 7.13% to close at EGP 11.53) and Orascom Construction Industries (declined by 7.07% to close EGP 125.07).

Ghana bourse closes on a positive note today, with the benchmark Composite index gained 10.05pts to 2,195.29pts; this brings its year-to-date to -2.91%. Likewise, the financial index gained 13,92pts to 2,191.14pts (-2.34% year-to-year performance). The market capitalization was recorded at GHS63.48billion. A market activity measured by volume was recorded at 99,717 in eighteen shares and total turnover GHS 435,650. Total Petroleum was most traded accounting for 51% of total traded volumes and 72% of the traded values. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 1x with 1 advancer and zero decliner. CAL Bank Limited gained 9.85% to close at GHS 1.15. 

The NSE 20 Index gained 4.19pts (0.08%) to close at 5,346.56pts today. Likewise, Nairobi All Share Index gained 0.87pts (0.50%) to close at 173.50pts with total market capitalization at KES 2,422.38 trillion. The day’s volume of shares traded closed at 32.10 million and turnover closed at KES 1.45 billion, an increment of 119.80 percent on previous trading session turnover. The top mover was Kenya Commercial Bank with a turnover of KES 467.20mn, representing 32.27 percent of the day’s total market turnover.The market sentiment was postive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) estimated at 1.3x with 21 advancers and 16 decliners.  Standard Group went up by 9.46 percent today to close at KES 40.50, follow by Scan Group (4.19% to close by KES 49.75) and National Bank fell by 4.17% to close at KES 25.00. On the losing side, Crown Berger declined 9.92 percent to close at KES 118.00 today and Unga Group lost 7.49% to close at KES 43.25. Foreign buys stood at 69.75 percent of total turnover, while foreign sales stood at 70.73 percent of total turnover.

Both Malawi All Share Index and Domestic Index remained unchanged to to close at 14,917.67pts and 11,745.36pts respectively. Likewise, the foreign Index remained unchanged to close at 1762.13pts. Total market capitalization was recorded at MWK 7,509.83 billion and all stocks price remained unchanged.

Both indices end in negative today, the Semdex lost 6.47pts (0.33%) to 1,961.79pts and the Sem-10 lost 0.73 (0.38%) to 370.32pts. The market capitalization recorded at MUR 218.15 billion and overall total volume trade recorded at 9.76 million and turnover on the market amounted to MUR 267.616 million, mainly geared towards Gamma Civic which accounted for 83.9% of total value traded. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.8x with 9 advancers and 11 decliners.Topping the price gainers were New Mauritius Hotels, BlueLife Limited and Bramer Banking advanced by 3.06% to close at MUR 59.00, 2.22% to close at MUR 4.60 and 1.46% to close at MUR 4.16 respectively. On the other hand, the topping price losers were Sun Resorts Limited (lost 2.86% to close at MUR 34.00), Gamma Civic Limited (lost 2.70% to close at MUR 36.00) and National Investment Trust (shed off 1.05% to close at MUR 47.00).

Morocco’s benchmark stock index (Madex Index) declined by 0.31% to close at 10,308.04pts (7.15% year-to-date performance) with total market capitalization at MAD 519.42 billion and market activities as measured by value closed at MAD 79.83 million. Likewise, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) closed at 8,461.77pts (fell by 0.33% compared to previous trading day). In term of sector performance, top gainers were Chemicals, Materials, Software & Computers and Real Estate sectors gain recorded at 3.26%, 0.13% and 0.04% respectively. However, top loser sectors were Forest & Paper (lost 6.76%), Engineering & Equipment (fell by 2.84%) and Oil & Gas (lost 1.27%). The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.4x with 11 advancers and 27 decliners. Fenie Brossette M2M Group tops gainer chart at 4.86% to close at MAD 194.00 while Med Paper tops the price loser by 6,76% to close at MAD 13.80. Furthermore, FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index lost 0.51% to close at 9,200.67pts (4.31% year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index dropped 0.24% to close at 8,731.32pts (8.09% year-to-date performance).

Following the bearish trend in place for the past four trading days, the All Share Index (ASI) shed 0.6% to close 29,243.91pts. This negative close was on the back of further sell pressure on Union Bank of Nigeria (-9.7%), Dangote Cement (-0.5%) and SEPLAT (-4.7%) stocks. Market capitalization similarly declined N63.6bn to close N9.8tn. In a mix, market activity measured by value rose 99.0% settling at N3.2bn while volume traded eased 47.4% closing at 277.6m units. Furthermore, all sectors closed in the red today. Leading the market laggards was the Banking index which declined 1.3% due to losses sustained by Union Bank of Nigeria (-9.7%), Access Bank (-7.2%) and United Bank for Africa (-3.7%). Trailing behind were Oil & Gas (-1.1%), Consumer Goods (-0.5%), Industrial Goods (-0.4%) and Insurance (-0.2%) indices.  Market breadth (advancers/decliners ratio) closed (0.2x) negative for the 6th consecutive day as 8 stocks advanced against 33 decliners. Access Bank (-8.5%), Vita Foam Nigeria (-5.0%) and Conoil Nigeria (-5.0%) chaired the losers while Honeywell Flour Nigeria (8.6%), United Africa Company, Nigeria (2.9%) and UBA Capital (2.6%) topped the gainers list.

The Rwandan Stock Exchange All Share Index (RSE ALSI) and RSE RSI remained constant to close at 137.33 and 234.63 respectively.

South Africa:
The All Share ending 1.06% higher to close at 52,741.02 pts. Similarly, the benchmark Top-40 index advanced by 1.12% to close at 46,699.35pts and JSE Industrial top-25 index gained 1.03% to close at 66929.7pts. Likewise, the financial index gained 0.03% to close at 44,884.26pts. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) recorded at 1.8x with 229 advancers and 127 decliners. On the one hand, topping the price gainers were Assore Limited South Africa, Zci Limited South Africa and Spanjaard Limited South Africa gained 29.58%, 27.78% and 14.29% to close at ZAR 138.00, ZAR 4.60 and ZAR 6.00 respectively. On the price losers were Allied Electrical Corporation South Africa, Basil Read Holdings Limited South Africa and Ellies Holdings Limited South Africa lost 7.72% to close at ZAR 15.55, 7.38% to close at ZAR 3.01 and 5.08% to close at ZAR 1.12 respectively.

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSEI) went up by 1.36% to close at 2,649.65pts and market capitalisation recorded at TZS 23,204.67 billion. However, the DSE TSI decreased by 0.40% to close at 4,749.73pts. Today, DSE recorded a total turnover of TZS 575.76 mln from 125,191 shares traded in 97 deals compared to the previous session which recorded a turnover of TZS 34.17 mln from 13,906 shares traded in 28 deals. The market sentiment was positive today; with eight advancers and four decliners. Africa Barrick Gold was the highest gainer of the day shoving up by 5.18 percent to close at TZS 6,500.00. CRDB declined by 4.76 percent to close the day at TZS 400 to be the highest loser of the day.

The Tunis Stock Exchange benchmark index (TUNINDEX) gained 74.64pts (1.43%) to close at 5,311.16pts (year-to-year performance of 2.85%) with the market capitalization at TND 17.842 billion. Today’s turnover amounted to TND 4.216 million, while traded volume 902,556 shares sealed in 272 transactions and 57 listed companies. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) calculated at 4.1x with 37 advancers and 9 decliners. On the one hand, topping the price gainers were Somocer Group Tunisia (gained 5.86% to close at TNS 2.89) Société de Fabrication (advanced by 4.41% to close at TND 26.5and Ennakl Automobiles (increased by 4.04% to close TND 10.3). However, on the price losers were Banque de Tunisie, SOTETEL and Société des Industries Pharmaceutiques lost 4.55%, 3.45% and 3.00% respectively.

The Uganda Securities Exchange All Share Index (USE ALSI) went up by 0.30% to close at 2,017.31pts with market capitalization recorded at UGX 27,575.28 million. However, the Ugandan Stock Exchange Local Share Index (USE LSI) was flat to close the day at 324.29pts. A total of 10.74 million shares were traded today and total turnover came to a close of UGX 355.57 million. The market sentiment was negative today, with four advancers and five decliners. The three price gainers were East African Breweries Limited (gained 1.47% to close at UGX 10,052), Equity Bank Limited (gained 0.92% to close at UGX 1,639). However, the top three losers were Centum Investment Company (lost 5.96% to close at UGX 1,750), Kenya Airways (fell by 2.07% to close at UXGX  284.00) and UCHUMI Supermarket (lost 1.78% to close at UGX 331).

The Lusaka Stock Exchange All Share Index closed at 6,123.53pts, up by 0.23% compared to the previous close of 6,144.77pts. The market capitalization was recorded at ZMK 65.513 billion, including Shoprite Holdings Plc, and ZMK 31.274 billion excluding Shoprite Holdings Plc. Trading was recorded in British American Tobacco Zambia, Copperbelt Energy Corporation, LAFARGE Cement Zambia, MFIN, Prima Reinsurance Zambia, Puma Energy Zambia, Standard Chartered Bank Zambia and Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO). A total of 673,757 shares were transacted in 30 trades resulting in a total turnover of ZMK 13,302,263. Price changes were recorded in Copperbelt Energy Corporation (lost ZMK 0.03), ZANACO (gained ZMK 0.01), LAFARGE (gained ZM 0.01) and Standard Chartered Bank Zambia (advanced by ZMK 0.01).


The Industrial index declined by 0.02pts (0.01%) to close at 162.03pts, with total market capitalization of US$4.220 billion. Today’s total volume and total turnover were recorded at 672,975 (47 trades) and US$1.17 million respectively. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth, with 1 advancer and six decliners. On the one hand, the gainer was Econet Wireless Zimbabwe added a cent to close at 52 cents. On the downside, Zimre Property Investment Zimbabwe dropped 0.20 cents to close at 0.80 cents, Meikles Limited Zimbabwe was a cent lower at 11.50 cents and Dawn Property Zimbabwe lost 0.05 cents to close at 0.95 cents. However, he Mining index was unchanged to close at 48.54 points.

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