African Market Watch: Friday, 13th March 2015

Ghana: The trading on Ghana bourse close on a positive note today. The benchmark Composite index climbed by 7.33pts to 2,189.46pts; this brings its year-to-date to -3.17%. Likewise, the financial index dropped 10.14pts to 2,183.59pts (-2.68% year-to-year performance). The market capitalization was recorded at GHS63.624billion. A market activity measured by volume was recorded at 1,144,828 in thirteen shares. Ecobank Translational, UT Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, SIC Insurance and Societe Generale were the top five most actively traded shares by volume accounted for c.98% of total traded volume. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 3x with 3 advancers and 1 decliner. Ecobank Ghana, Ecobank Translational and Standard Chartered Bank gained GHS 0.01 to close at GHS 7.54, GHS 0.26 and GHS 20.26 respectively. However, SIC Insurance lost GHS 0.01 to close at GHS 0.22.

Kenya: The NSE 20 Index gained 2.60pts (0.05%) to close at 5,350.30pts today. However, Nairobi All Share Index lost 0.41pts (0.24%) to close at 172.01pts with total market capitalization at KES 24,015 trillion. The total volume of shares traded closed at 22.79mn as total turnover closed at KES 600.06mn. The top mover was Equity Group with a turnover of KES 168.57mn, representing 27.04 percent of the day’s total market turnover. The market sentiment was positive today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 1.4x with 22 advancers and 16 decliners. On the one hand, National Bank of Kenya, Kenya Orchards Ltd and ARM Cement 4.21%, 2.68%, 2.41% respectively to close at KES 24.75, KES 115.00 and KES 85.00 respectively. On the other hand, CIC Insurance, KAKUZI and Uchumi Supermarket Ltd lost 8.74%, 6.77% and 4.88% respectively to close at KES 9.40, KES 289.00 and KES 9.45.

Malawi: Both Malawi All Share Index and Domestic Index remained unchanged to close at 14,915.52pts and 11,743.65pts respectively. Likewise, the Foreign Index remained unchanged to close at 1762.13pts. Total market capitalization was recorded at US$17,272.66mn.

Mauritius: Both indices end in negative today, the Semdex lost 10.64pts (0.54%) to 1,977.94pts and the Sem-10 lost 1.71 (0.46%) to 373.25pts. The market capitalization recorded at MUR 219.90 billion and overall total volume trade recorded at 2.90mn and turnover on the market amounted to MUR 36.53mn, mainly geared towards MCB Group which accounted for 56.7% of total value traded. MCB Group went down to MUR 197.50 (-0.8%) on a cross of 65.8k shares near market end. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.3x with 1 advancer and 8 decliners. The lone gainer was Rockcastle Global Real Estate gained 3.85% to close at MUR 2.70. on the loser list were: Bramer Banking lost 8.00% to close at MUR 4.60, SBM Holdings declined by 5.10% to close at MUR 949.43 and Harel Mallac plummeted by 2.28% to close at MUR 107.00. In addition, on the DEM, the index decreased by 0.02% to 200.53 points.  Total turnover was Rs4.2m, mainly driven by Ciel Textile which saw several crosses at Rs35.00 (Unch.) resulting to a total volume of 96.7k shares traded.  Movers on the market were SIT Land Holdings (+5.3%), Tropical Paradise (P) (+5.1%) and FIDES (-2.5%).

Morocco: Morocco’s benchmark stock index (Madex Index) dropped 0.04% to close at 10,476.89pts (8.91% year-to-date performance) with total market capitalization at MAD 526.96bn and market activities as measured by value closed at MAD 152.59mn. However, Moroccan most active share index (MADEX) closed at 8,608.28pts (gained 0.07% compared to previous trading day). In term of sector performance, top gainers were Leisure & Hotels, Food Producers & Processors, and Engineering & Equipments sectors gained 2.63%, 2.28% and 0.91% respectively. However, top loser sectors were Forest & Paper (4.86%), Oil & Gas (4.29%) and Utilities (3.10%). The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.7x with 16 advancers and 23 decliners. Residences Dar Saada SA was top gainer chart at 4.46% to close at MAD 182 while CIH Bank lost 7,54% to close at MAD 342.05.  Furthermore, FTSE CSE Morocco 15 Index dropped 0.14% to close at 9,352.61pts (6.03% year-to-date performance) and FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid Index dropped 0.10% to close at 8,871.25pts (10.05% year-to-date performance).

Namibia: Namibia Overall Index declined by 11.09pts (0.96%) to close at 1,142.61pts and  Namibia domestic index declined by 0.03pts (0.01%) to close at 410.18pts. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.4x with 6 advancers and 15 decliners. On the one hand, topping the gainers list were PALADIN Namibia, BANNERMAN and Santam gained 12.62%, 2.13% and 2.11% respectively to close at NAD 357.00, NAD 48.00 and NAD 22,975.00. On the other hand, topping the loser price list were PSG Konsult, Anglo American Namibia, and Oceana Group lost 5.20%, 2.88% and 2.38% respectively to close at NAD 711.00, NAD 19,347.00 and NAD 103,153.00 respectively.

Nigeria: The All Share Index (ASI) –benchmark index of all traded equities weakened 82bps to 30,719.36 points, driving year-to-date losses further south to 11.4%. The weakness in the benchmark index today was mainly attributable to the price declines in Dangote Cement (0.6%), First Bank of Nigeria Holdings (4.8%), Lafarge Africa (5.0%) and Zenith Bank (5.0%). Market activity measured by volume and value traded rose significantly as sell down activity amplified; consequently, volume and value traded advanced 597.8% and 109.2% to 1.7bn units and N6.0bn. All sector indices closed weaker today, led by the Industrial Goods index which declined 2.8%. The Banking Index shed 1.2% today and the Oil and Gas Index declined 0.6%, the Insurance Index and Consumer Goods indices declined 0.5% and 0.2% respectively. The Advancer/Decliner ratio — measure of market breadth – of the Nigerian Equity Market, closed at 0.5x today, indicating negative sentiment. Leading the pack of 13 advancers today were Honeywell Flour (4.9%), Champion (4.6%) and NEIMETH (4.5%), while Africa Prudential (5.5%), Lafarge Africa (5.0%) and CAP (5.0%) led the 27 decliners.

Rwanda: The Rwandan Stock Exchange All Share Index (RSE ALSI) and RSE RSI remained constant to close at 137.33 and 234.63 respectively. The market capitalization was recorded at RWF 2,929.133bn. Bank of Kigali, Bralirwa closed and Equity Bank Limited closed at RWF 296, RWF 380 and RWF 430 respectively (same as previous trading day) respectively.

South Africa: The All Share index ended 0.84% lower today to close at 51,798.74pts. Similarly, the benchmark Top-40 index declined by 0.93% to close at 45,872.93pts and Mining sector lost 2.95% to close at 24,376.30pts. Likewise Financial Top-15 index declined by 0.25% to close at 16,930.30pts and Small Cap Index declined by 0.28% to close at 59,222.70pts. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.7x with 146 advancers and 214 decliners. Randgold & Exploration Company was one of the top movers upwards, climbed 11.11% to sell at ZAR 2.40, after 15 deals exchanged a total of 131,458 shares. Cadiz Holdings rose to ZAR 1.17 after investors traded 5,298,841 shares in 21 deals, boosting the share price by 6.36%. Amongst the top ten losers today was Anglogold Ashanti, after shares fell 5.55% to ZAR 104.72 after 4,988 deals traded 1,126,247 shares. Sliding 4.43% to ZAR 388.50 a share was Aspen Pharmacare Holdings, after investors bought and sold 11,705,889 shares in 34,009 deals.

Tanzania: The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSEI) shred off 0.26% to close at 2,598.35pts and market capitalisation recorded at TZS 22.76bn. Likewise, the DSE TSI decreased by 0.58% to close at 4,771.49pts. Today, DSE recorded a total volume were recorded at 1,956,911 shares as Total turnover closed at TZS 1,55bn. Today’s DSE recorded a total turnover of TZS 2,217.25mn from 192,046 shares traded in 77 deals compared to the previous session which recorded a turnover of TZS 1,546.97mn from 1,956,911 shares traded in 78 deals.  The market sentiment was negative today, DCB Commercial Bank, National Microfinance Bank and Tanzania Cigarette Company lost 1.15%, 2.96% and 0.89% respectively to close at TSZ 860.00, TZS 3,610 and TSZ 4,460 respectively.

Tunisia: The Tunis Stock Exchange benchmark index (TUNINDEX) lost 10.38pts (0.19%) to close at 5,369.91pts (year-to-year performance of 5.47%) with the market capitalization at TND 18.26bn. Likewise the Tunis top-20 capitalised index also declined by 0.04% to close at 2,297.98pts. Today’s turnover amounted to TND3.68mn, while traded volume 582,318 shares sealed in 65 listed companies. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth (advancer/decliners ratio) berthed at 0.52x with 13 advancers and 25 decliners. Topping the price gainers list was SPDIT gained 1.82% to close at TND 11.75 and Assurance Sanlam lost 5.35% to close at TND 19.12.

Uganda: The Uganda Securities Exchange All Share Index (USE ALSI) decreased by 2.58% to close at 2,040.27pts with market capitalization recorded at UGX 27,889.19mn. However, the Ugandan Stock Exchange Local Share Index (USE LSI) remained at the same level to close the day at 324.52pts. A total of 846,604 shares were traded in three stocks amounted to total turnover of UGX 257.64mn. The market sentiment was negative today, as the market breadth,  with zero advancers and 8 decliners. The losers were Uchumi Supermarkets Limited (4.30% to close at UGX 334.00), Equity Bank Limited (3.75% to close UGX 1,695.00), Kenya Airway (2.87% to close at UGX 305.00), and East African Breweries Limited (2.81% to close at UGX 9,782.00).

Zambia: The Lusaka Stock Exchange All Share Index maintained its previous close of 6,144.05 as there were no price movements. Trading was recorded in LAFARGE, MFIN, NATBREW, SCZ, ZAMBREW and ZANACO. A total of 85,666 shares were traded in 16 trades resulting in a total turnover of ZMK 258,321. There were no share price changes and the market capitalization was recorded atZMK65.552bilion, including Shoprite Holdings Plc, and ZMK 31.213billion excluding Shoprite Holdings Plc.

Zimbabwe: The Industrial index gained 0.08pts (0.05%) to close at 162.70pts, with total market capitalization of US$4.31billion. Today’s total volume and total turnover were recorded at 8.94mn (27 trades) and US$1.28mn respectively. The market sentiment was neutral today, as the market breadth, with three advancers and three decliners. On the one hand, the gainers were Mashonaland Holdings Limited (gained 4.54% to close at 2.30 cents), ZIMPLOW Limited gained (4.00% to close at 7.80 cent) and Delta Corporation Limited added 0.09% (0.10 cents each to close at 109 cents). On the other hand, the losers Bindura Nickel Corporation lost 10.00% (0.50 cents to settle at 4.50 cents), Powerspreed Electrical Limited slipped by 6.38% (0.15 cents to close at 2.20 cents) and Padenga Holdings Limited lost 1.09% to close at 9.00 cents. Despite today’s gain the industrial index shed 2.89 points (1.75%) compared to week ending 06 March 2015. Likewise, the Mining index dropped a significant 4.50 points (8.29%) to close at 49.79 points. Week on week the mining index went down by 4.91 points (8.98%).

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